5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for April 2019

Each month, we look back to see which articles resonated most with readers and then share that insider information with you. The website had 11,224 views in April, and that’s in addition to the 14,564 people our Facebook page reached in the last 28 days. City government news seemed to grab the most people’s attention last month, but our annual April Fools’ Day article was a big hit as well.

Here’s a look at most-read articles on Lowell’s First Look, based on website views, during April 2019.

5. City Council Recap: New Showboat Expected in River by December

Lowell City Council got a welcome surprise at their second April meeting. They found out the community won’t have to spend all winter with an empty river. The newest version of the Lowell Showboat is expected to arrive in town by December. While it will be installed in the Flat River this year, interior work won’t be completed until 2020. This popular city council recap covered that news plus an update on funding options for road repairs.

4. Lowell City Council Discusses Community Gardens, Seeks Grants for Repaving Amity Street

Both April city council recaps landed in the top five articles on Lowell’s First Look for April. During the first meeting of the month, community gardens were a main point of discussion. With the current ordinance appearing to be vague when it comes to what is allowed in the right of way, councilmembers agreed it should be changed to prohibit any plant taller than 12 inches. No word yet on when that ordinance amendment will be presented for a vote.

3. Scenes from Lowell: Softball Spring Training (and Volunteering) Edition

Photo courtesy of Heather Eveland

We all know we have some incredible kids here in Lowell, and this Scenes from Lowell is the photographic proof. Lowell High School softball players went south for spring training and squeezed in some community service between practices. We were so grateful assistant coach Heather Eveland sent photos our way so we could share about the good deeds our girls are doing even when they think no one is watching.

2. Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for March 2019

We can’t call them the “Boys in Blue” anymore (Welcome Officer Aubrey Culver!), but we would be blue without a monthly update from our local police department. Our readers probably would be too. The Police Beat is a monthly favorite. In April, the column – which included appearances from coyotes, ghosts and a man who couldn’t be bothered to find a bathroom – was the second most-read article of the month.

1. Ambitious Road Plan Unveiled for Lowell

Really, there is nothing more fun than writing our annual April Fools’ Day article. You guys seem to like them too, and our ridiculous road plan for the city was the most viewed article last month. Fun fact: this was not actually our original idea for April Fools’ Day. We initially thought we would do a story about how the city was planning to decommission the Showboat by unmooring it at dusk, letting it float down the river and having an archer shoot a single flaming arrow to light it on fire for a burial at sea…er, river. But then the city actually went and demolished the Showboat before April 1, and it was off to Plan B for us.

Did your favorite article make the list? Which story did you like best last month?

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