5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for April 2022

April saw the return of the Lowell Riddler, a major anniversary for a beloved downtown shop and a little tomfoolery too. These topics, along with some city government news, were the most popular stories last month.

Here are the most-read articles, based on website views, during April 2022.

5. Rookies Sportcards Plus Celebrates 30 Years in Lowell

Thirty years ago, Jack Reedy and his dad decided to sell some sports cards in a downtown Lowell storefront. Then they added comic books followed by board games. Today, Rookies Sportcards Plus is a destination for those who love what can affectionately be known as nerdom. If you happen to be reading this today – Saturday, May 7, 2022 – you can head to Rookies from 10-5pm for Free Comic Book Day. Incidentally, our very first Instagram post ever was at Free Comic Book Day.

4. City Council Recap: Marijuana Amendment Voted Down

After telling the Lowell Planning Commission to consider whether changes should be made to the city’s marijuana ordinance, Lowell City Council decided nope, it’s good as is. The Planning Commission thought the heavily residential east side of town wasn’t the right place for marijuana businesses. Councilmembers noted there are also apartments and condos on the west side of town by marijuana shops. We can’t help but point out that someone standing on the front porch of a condo behind Meds Café has a far different view than someone standing on the front porch of a home on Horatio Street. But in the end, the council has spoken.

3. The Lowell Riddler: First Clue for Riddle #2 in 2022

The Lowell Riddler is back, and several articles related to riddles and answers landed in the top ten for April. However, the first clue to the second riddle was the most read, taking the number three spot. If you want to see the latest riddles and Lowell Riddler news, click here.

2. Culver’s on Schedule to Open in May, Owner Receives Highest Honor

Community interest in Culver’s remains high, and the owner reached out to us in April to let us know the restaurant is still on track for its May opening. We also learned that Steve Stephan, the owner-operator of the Lowell location, was selected for the 2021 GM Culver Award. It’s the highest honor bestowed by Culver’s, and recipients are selected based on their long-term visionary leadership and success. That certainly bodes well for Lowell.

1. City of Lowell Considers Request for Name Change

Every year, April 1st gives us a chance to branch out from reporting news and try our hand at a little creative writing. For our 2022 April Fools’ Day article, there were so many directions we could have taken the story, and ultimately, we decided to throw everything in. The only thing we were missing was an opossum. While this was the top article of the month, it didn’t come close to dethroning the “Surprising Sight in the Flat River” which remains our magnum opus and most viewed article ever.

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