5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for August 2019

Each month, we look back to see which articles resonated most with readers and then share that insider information with you. Our website was viewed 19,916 times in August, and that’s in addition to the 14,324 people our Facebook page has reached in the past 28 days.

Here’s a look at the most-read articles on Lowell’s First Look, based on website views, during August 2019.

5. Frozen Treats Now Offered on the West End of Lowell

There’s a new ice cream stand in town, and residents were interested to read all about it. Corner Stop Ice Cream set up shop in the concession stand in the new North Grand River Riverfront Park behind Walgreens. Opinions were divided on Facebook with some readers pledging allegiance to Balls Softee Creme while others argued that the town is big enough to support both businesses.

4. Editorial: All Questions Should be Answered Prior to Approval of PUD

The proposed RiverView Flats project should be a slam dunk. After all, everyone would like to see something positive done with the vacant Unity High School property. However, after following the development for nearly a year, we find we have more questions than clear answers. We outlined our concerns in this editorial, but it appears that the Lowell City Council doesn’t share our unease about the vagueness of the proposal. They appear poised to green light the project at their next meeting.

3. Liquid Contaminant Noticed in Flat River by Local Resident

Photo courtesy of Bruce Matthews

Thanks to an alert resident, the City of Lowell was able to quickly respond to contamination in the Flat River. A quick-thinking boater noticed a substance being discharged into the river from a storm drain. He stopped to collect a sample of water in a jar and let the authorities know about the problem. An environmental clean-up crew was called in to remove the substance from the river, and a responsible party was identified. The matter was turned over to the Lowell Police Department for further investigation.

2. Café to Open Where Employees with Special Needs are Welcome

Photo courtesy of Jenny Cole

A Lowell Middle School teacher has been working on a passion project for months. As the mother of son with Down Syndrome, Jenny Cole wants to create a business where individuals with special needs are welcomed as both customers and employees. Her dream is becoming a reality with Brody Be’s Café which expects to open shortly in Ada. The Lowell community is 100% behind Cole’s vision, and this article was the second most read story of August 2019.

1. Exclusive Look Inside New Lowell Burger King

After a string of delays, Burger King opened at the corner of Main Street and Valley Vista at the end of August. While people were waiting, we published this story that gave a first look inside the new restaurant. It was our top story for the month, and among other things, noted that fast service would be a priority for the new business. Some readers have experienced otherwise so it remains to be seen if this restaurant can deliver on that promise. Meanwhile, McDonalds – which is located next door — doesn’t seem too worried about its new competition. It recently filed an application with the Planning Commission to expand its space.

Did your favorite article make the list? Which story did you like best last month?

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