5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for December 2019

Each month, we look back to see which articles resonated most with readers and then share that insider information with you. Our website was viewed 12,091 times in December, and that’s in addition to the 9,186 people our Facebook page has reached in the past 28 days.

Here’s a look at the most-read articles on Lowell’s First Look, based on website views, during December 2019.

5. Press Release: McDonald’s Remodel Complete, Will Hold Ribbon Cutting on Friday

While Burger King may have been one of the biggest stories of the year, McDonald’s got all the attention in December. The restaurant completed an interior overhaul this fall and now has new ordering kiosks and a refreshed play area. This press release, which included photos of the new space, was the fifth most viewed article on Lowell’s First Look in December 2019.

4. Press Release: Flat River Outreach Ministries (FROM) Announces New Executive Director

Photo taken by Dana Morehouse.

Another press release that garnered a lot of attention in December came from FROM. The non-profit shared that Wendie Preiss would be the organization’s new executive director. She is taking the reins from Dawn Broene who is shifting gears to pursue a career in real estate. Public response to the announcement has been overwhelmingly positive.

3. Clean Up in the Grand River

Photo courtesy of Lowell’s DPW.

The Hudson Street Bridge was closed temporarily in early December so debris, including some sections of fallen trees, could be removed from the Grand River. The work will keep water flowing smoothly under the bridge and ensure there is no damage to the structure. Photos from the clean-up were the third most-viewed article on Lowell’s First Look last month.

2. Pink Arrow Pride Distributes $111,500 for 2019

Teresa Beachum (l) presents a check from Pink Arrow Pride to Wendy Wigger, president of Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids. Photo courtesy of Bruce Doll.

The entire community played a role in this good news. Thanks to the generosity of so many people, Pink Arrow Pride was able to distribute $111,500 in funds raised during the September Pink Arrow event. The all-volunteer organization makes sure 100% of the money raised stays in the community, and proceeds are used to support the Lowell Clubhouse of Gilda’s Club, families who have been impacted by cancer and two scholarship funds for Lowell students.

1. Used Bookstore Coming to Downtown Lowell

It’s been a long time since Lowell had a bookstore, and residents are ready to begin browsing the stacks. Our article on Bettie’s Pages was the top article for December 2019. If you happen to be reading this article today, January 2, you can head down to 100B E. Main Street on the Grand River for the store’s Great Opening from 11am-7pm today.

Did your favorite article make the list? Which story did you like best last month? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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