5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for February 2021

For being so short, February was a busy month for Lowell. The Showboat City Social District debuted, LowellArts launched a new Featured Artist Series and the community was introduced to The Lowell Riddler.

On Lowell’s First Look, our top stories last month largely highlighted a few of the people and events that make the community special. There was also one top story that reminds us even the best of towns can have problems.

Here’s a look at the most-read articles, based on website views, during February 2021.

5. Voodoo Foodoo Truck Offers Unique Menu in Lowell

We actually published this story about the Voodoo Foodoo Truck in January, and it was a top-five article then as well. This month, it just edged out an article about student Valentine’s Day cards to make the list of most-read stories. The Voodoo Foodoo Truck can be found parked at New Union Brewery on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, where it serves up its hugely popular breakfast and dinner Vooritos.

4. Leah Groves: New Resident, New Councilmember

It didn’t take Leah Groves long to get involved in her new home. She had only been a resident of Lowell for a little over a year when she saw a notice requesting applications to fill a vacant seat on Lowell City Council. The newcomer was one of five to interview for the spot, and current councilmembers decided unanimously that Groves was right for the job. This article delves into the new councilmember’s background as well as what she thinks of her position so far.

3. Officer Ian Shears: Public Service with a Smile

The Police Beat, which highlights the Lowell Police Department’s monthly cases, is always a popular feature. However, it occurred to us that we don’t often hear about individual officers on the force. Who are these men and women patrolling the city and keeping us safe? Last month, we published what is expected to be the first in a series of articles profiling members of the LPD. Our profile of Officer Ian Shears, who is quick to smile and happy to help, landed on the list of most-read articles for the month.

2. The Lowell Riddler

In January, an area resident contacted us with an idea. What if they issued riddles – a la the Wyoming Riddler from years past – and offered prizes to those who found a hidden medallion? Would we be willing to publish the riddles? We thought it was a great idea, and our readers did too. Articles related to The Lowell Riddler would take the 2nd to 8th spots on a top ten list for February, but we’ve consolidated them all into one entry here. We’re not sure how long The Lowell Riddler plans to continue issuing weekly riddles, but as long as they keep coming our way, we’ll have a new clue or riddle for you every Saturday morning.

1. Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for January 2021

The January Police Beat was the most-read article in February. The article, which reviewed January cases from the Lowell Police Department, highlighted an armed robbery, a missing person and a litany of problems stemming from one particular property in town. Officers have made multiple arrests of people – mostly from out-of-town – who have been to the home. The house’s ownership is in question, making this is a tricky situation for police to resolve.

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