5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for June 2022

Typically, the most popular articles each month are newly published stories. However, we occasionally see an old article rise to the top after it garners attention for one reason or another. Sometimes that attention is positive, and sometimes it is negative. The latter is what helped push one old article into the top five last month.

Here are the most-read articles, based on website views, during June 2022.

5. The Old Theater Has New Owners

This article about The Old Theater was popular when it was first published in February, and it got a new round of clicks in June after a group rented the marquee for a Bible verse that was then shared by the theater on Facebook. People noted the verse – “When pride cometh, then cometh shame” from the book of Proverbs – was posted at the start of Pride Month and saw it as a dig at the LGBTQ+ community. In response to those concerns, the theater owners apologized for the controversy, noted that the marquee had previously been rented for Bible verses and said they “did not believe this verse to be an affront to any specific people” when they posted it.

4. Scenes from Lowell: 2022 St. Patrick Festival Edition

While 2020 was the year the world stopped because of COVID-19, 2022 seems to be the year when life picks back up to normal speed. One sign of that is the return of popular, local events such as the St. Patrick Festival. The festival was on hiatus for two years but was back in June with nearly all its traditional activities. Our photographic recap of the event was the fourth most-viewed story on Lowell’s First Look in June 2022.

3. Ryan Hesche Takes Over Role of Manager from Josh McCracken at Greenridge Realty

Ryan Hesche is no stranger to many people in Lowell, and readers were quick to offer their congratulations as he takes over management of Lowell’s Greenridge Realty office. Previous manager Josh McCracken will stay on an agent but is stepping back from the manager position to focus on his family.

2. The Lowell Riddler: Third Clue for Riddle #8 in 2022

The Lowell Riddler continues to be popular with Lowell’s First Look readers. It would have accounted for three of the top five articles of the month if we had not consolidated them all into this entry. Of all the Riddler-related articles for June, the third clue for riddle #8 got the most views. That riddle had people stumped (here’s the solution), and you can always find the latest riddles and answers by bookmarking this page.

1. Planning Commission Recap: Scooter’s Coffee, King Milling

The Lowell Planning Commission had two businesses on its agenda for June. First was a site plan for a Scooter’s Coffee that was tabled for discussion in July. Next was an expansion of King Milling Company. Those plans were approved, and the company will soon start a $42 million addition to its Lowell facilities. We’re not sure if people were interested in Scooter’s Coffee, King Milling or both, but this article takes the prize as the No. 1 most-read article for Lowell’s First Look in June 2022.

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