5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for May 2024

We hit the publish button 53 times in May, starting with the N entry for the ABCs of Lowell History and ending with the obituary of a beloved community member who is gone too soon.

Among all the articles we published, the following had the top website views for the month.

As a note, it was mentioned last month that we would share the restaurants that received the most likes as part of our May #lowellgrandtour of local food establishments on Instagram. However, we’ve decided that probably deserves its own article so watch for that next week.

5. The Restless Viking: The First Roadside Table

The Restless Viking is back in the top five this month with their article about the state’s first roadside table. We think this was probably of particular interest to readers since the table is just one county over and south of Saranac. Perhaps you have even been to this roadside table yourself?

4. Gift of Life: Alto Woman Donates Kidney

Heather Gray and Jen Dougherty (l to r)

When it comes to generosity, it’s hard to think of anything more selfless than giving a physical part of your body…especially if that gift is for someone you don’t even know. Jen Dougherty didn’t think twice when she learned Heather Gray needed a kidney. While she didn’t know Heather when she made the decision to be a living donor, the two are good friends now. We aren’t surprised that this story landed in the top five for the month.

3. Scenes from Lowell: 2024 Memorial Day Parade Edition

Each year, the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, with help from the Boy Scouts and others, hosts a Memorial Day Parade that culminates in a ceremony in Oakwood Cemetery. The 2024 event featured veterans, bands and local dignitaries. It was a somber occasion to remember all those who have died in the service of our country, and photos from the parade made up the third most-viewed article for May.

2. Foxtail Coffee Co. Brews Up Excitement with First Michigan Location Opening in Ada

This wasn’t technically Lowell news, but we figured readers might be interested in what was happening down the street. We weren’t wrong as this press release announcing the opening of Foxtail Coffee Co in Ada took the No. 2 spot for the month. Foxtail was founded in Florida, and Ada is its first foray into Michigan.

1. A New Chapter for the Hale House

Taking the top spot is an article about the Hale House. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, you might better know it as the former home of Senior Neighbors and Gilda’s Club – the distinctive house on Hudson Street across from the former fairgrounds. Many people wondered what would happen to the property now that Senior Neighbors and Gilda’s Club have moved to the First Congregational Church north of town. Well, we found out, and it looks like the Hale House will spend the next chapter of life as a rental property.

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