A Message from The Lowell Riddler

We received the following message from The Lowell Riddler.


It’s time for a break in the riddling action. School has started. Restaurants are back to more capacity. Main Street Lowell is back to being busy. The original objective has been met.

The survey results overwhelmingly told the Riddler to keep hiding medallions (93%). Overall, 75% of the respondents have looked for medallions and another 24% that had not looked for the medallions, had fun watching the riddles and clues.

Don’t worry — The Lowell Riddler will return.

In the meantime, the Riddler is emptying the prize bucket for one more riddle — more than double the normal value!

The Riddler would like to thank all the businesses and individuals that contributed prizes and supported the Riddler’s efforts.

From Lowell’s First Look: Watch for the 20th Riddle to be published tomorrow morning (Saturday, September 11). Let’s also take a look back at all the winners from this year’s fun:


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