Bear Clan Crochet Offers In Stock and Custom Items

Becky Martin is the stay-at-home mom behind Bear Clan Crochet. Established in 2016, she turned a hobby into a business, offering stuffed animals, keychains, clothing, bags, and more.

The Side Hustle

Martin moved to Lowell in 2016. She and her husband have been married for seven years and have a six-year-old son, Harrison, and a three-year-old daughter, Gwen. She graduated from Michigan State University with a zoology degree. Her love of animals and being outside has resulted in having what she calls a circus at home. The family has two huge dogs, three cats, some chinchillas, and a flock of chickens. Her ultimate goal is to turn her property into a small homestead.

Taught to crochet by her mom as a kid, Martin would pick it back up again in college, where she really started to learn everything about it. She would work on projects during lectures and downtime between classes. She never imagined that her hobby would become “a decent side hustle.” Both YouTube and Instagram have been valuable resources for learning and new product ideas.

Bear Clan Crochet is derived from Martin’s son’s nickname, Harebear. She had toyed with the idea of starting an official business but didn’t put the work in until 2016. “Since then it’s had plenty of ebbs and flows. My busiest season was right after The Mandalorian came out and everyone was obsessed with Baby Yoda,” she says. “I was working until my fingers bled!”

Available Products

Martin looks to provide a cohesive product line. Many of the available items are derived from requests from her kids and family. She is also inspired by current trends and pop culture. She uses her own designs as well as patterns purchased from others. 

Also offered are custom orders, of which those for stuff animals are a favorite. “It’s so fun to turn a favorite character into a one-of-a-kind buddy,” comments Martin. “I also do custom hats, scarves, bags, and pretty much anything else you can think of.” She’s willing to talk with anyone about ideas to see if they’re feasible, affordable, and worth the effort.

When asked what her favorite product to make, Martin says it depends on her mood. There are times when she enjoys making simpler items like a hat, which allows her to work while watching TV. She also loves the challenge of a complicated stuffed animal or a sweater that involves more thinking and planning to complete.

The most popular products Martin offers are Baby Yoda plush. She’s also surprised at how well Viking yarn beards that she created have sold. While still unfinished, a complete character set from The Lord of the Rings is a project she’s most proud of to date. 

While it’s easy for Martin to make things for others, she says it’s hard to make things for herself. In the excitement of creating things for someone else, it’s easy to forget she deserves some of her pieces for herself. When asked what is most difficult to make, Martin answered that garments are complicated due to the shaping and sizing. There’s also the need to make careful and even stitches, as well as select the right yarn. 

Those who are looking to see what Bear Clan Crochet has in stock and is ready to ship can check out their Etsy page. Locals can arrange to pick up purchases. Additional information can be found on Facebook or Instagram. And custom orders are welcome.

Photos courtesy of Bear Clan Crochet and used with permission.

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