Beautiful Morning for a Fly-in

Sunday morning at the Lowell Airport early fog lifted allowing pilots from around the state to touch down.  The event was a fly-in as well as a drive-in.  Spectators also came by car to partake in a pancake breakfast and view the various planes.

An Event for Young and Old

Nearly 40 aircraft lined the runways.  Some were built in the 1940s while others were more modern.  The same could be said for those getting a closer look at the airplanes.  Young children to grandparents wandered the fields picking out their favorites as they watched landings and take-offs.  

IMG_1644While there weren’t any high-speed passes or tricks to be seen, there was an airshow atmosphere on the 72 acre airport grounds.  A group of T-6 Texan warbirds flew over in formation prior to landing.  The distinctive sound of their radial engines announced their arrival.  

A 1960s era UTVA-66, produced in the former Yugoslavia was also on site.   It is one of nine in the US and one of three currently flying.  Airplane enthusiasts could also get a close look at a Howard DGA-15, another plane from WWII.   

Custom built or kit planes have become popular among those interested in flying.  One such aircraft with an appearance of flames coming out of the propeller flew in and parked next to another with a Buzz Lightyear paint scheme.  There are various kinds of DIY planes for those who enjoy flying.  

A couple of float planes were also parked available for viewing.  

Taking a Ride

Waldo Wright’s gave people the opportunity to ride in an open cockpit biplane.  Bystanders saw the plane land and take off several times as constant flight experiences happened throughout the morning.  

A shuttle bus was also available for anyone wanting to go to or come from the Fallasburg Fall Festival for the Arts.  It was a perfect morning to have some breakfast, check out the variety of participants in the fly-in, then head to Fallasburg for some additional fun.  

If you missed this year’s fly-in another is scheduled for next year.    And check out our Flickr Album for more photos of the aircraft that were part of this event.

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