Beth Bakes Offers Sweet Treats for Any Occasion

Elizabeth Wright is the baker behind Beth Bakes. A Lowell resident since 2018, she decided to start a business in January 2021 and offers cakes and other desserts for special events or just for fun.

Settling and Baking in Lowell

After growing up and living in northern Michigan and moving to California and Indiana took place before Wright and her family settled in Lowell. Her husband is an aircraft mechanic for FedEx and works at the Grand Rapids airport. The two have a 10-year-old son, Connor, and a daughter, Nora, who is five. 

Wright has been baking for family and friends for years. She took a big step in January 2021 and started Beth Bakes. She says as everyone was growing and changing throughout the pandemic it allowed her time to dream about what she wanted her future to look like. 

“I took a great leap and stepped out in total fear…as putting myself front and center has never been a comfortable place,” she comments. “It has been an amazing transformation and I am so thankful for the friendly encouragement I received from others through the whole beginning stage.” The confidence friends and family have in Wright continues today. 

On Starting a Business

Wright says sharing food in her family that has amazing cooks is a bit of a love language. She has also felt a need to have a creative outlet saying, “Baking is all about creativity and sharing love with people for me!” Combining the two was a natural fit but challenging at times.

In the beginning, Wright acknowledges that she was an impatient baker. She refers to stubbornness in helping learn and grow in addition to an obsession with the science of baking. It was through baking cakes and cupcakes for her son’s early birthday parties that she started to develop patience and a love for the entire baking process. The one exception is a lack of love for doing dishes after baking. 

Wright went to school to become a teacher and previously taught preschool in the past. She credits teaching to helping her become a more patient baker. “I really learned most of my skills through practice and watching a lot of online videos,” she remarks. “I love keeping up with the latest trends online and I have been lucky to have people around me trust me to dream big with their dessert designs. I cannot say it enough, if you want to get better at any creative process practice, practice, adjust and practice some more!”

Beth Bakes is a hope and dream for Wright. It was started so she would be able to do something she loves part-time while her children are young. As they get older she hopes to transition to baking full time. It has been important for Wright to push herself creatively as well as with her business. 

Menu and Placing an Order

While offering cakes is a big part of Beth Bakes, Wright also makes scones, cookies, macarons, brownies, and cinnamon rolls. She’s hoping to offer danishes soon. As a dreamer, she says she’ll attempt anything dessert related. 

When asked what her favorite thing to bake is, Wright replies with cupcakes saying, “Something about a handheld dessert…they are so versatile and I enjoy decorating each one individually while keeping in mind a cohesive theme. Themes are my jam!” She includes that fillings are a must in cupcakes to make them even better.

Wedding cakes are the most rewarding and challenging for Wright. She says there’s the pressure of being a focal point for a couple’s big day so she strives for perfection. She takes on very few wedding cakes at a time to ensure each one gets the attention it deserves.

According to Wright, baking is a science that’s rewarding when it’s done right. There’s also enjoyment in the “artistry of making something beautiful” even if it will be consumed and “ultimately gone.” She says there’s something special about creating a custom one-of-a-kind item that will be “thoroughly enjoyed and then gone forever.”

Custom cakes have been the most requested item for Beth Bakes. Wright says she makes a lot of Reese’s Peanut Buttercup cakes. She also makes a lot of fruit fillings to add to cake flavors. The fresh and tasty flavors are always a big hit.

“Just like in my family, making food for others is a way to show you care and a total love language,” says Wright about baking for others. “Even those I don’t get the opportunity to know very well I still genuinely care about and remember each bake and every story.” Wright will randomly remember cakes she has baked in past years for birthdays and wonder how those kids are doing as they get older. 

Wright suggests placing an order for a custom cake at least a month in advance to ensure you’re on her schedule. Wedding cake orders should be placed at least 4-6 months in advance. When it comes to cupcakes, cookies, and brownies there’s a little more flexibility. Placing an order a week or two in advance for these items is suggested. There’s a handy calendar on the Beth Bakes website that shows availability for two months out to help those who are interested in placing an order. 

If you make your way to Belding, visit Third Wave Coffee. Wright bakes items for the shop four mornings a week. Each week Wright makes a custom cake that is sold by the slice every Saturday morning.

Wright has enjoyed the connections and friendships she has made over the past year and a half as she has baked for others. Those interested in more information about Beth Bakes can visit the business website, including a menu and pricing page. Or check out their Facebook page or Instagram page for drool-worthy photos of recent bakes.

Photos courtesy of Beth Bakes and used with permission.

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