Burger King is Coming Back to Lowell

Future site of Burger King

Do you feel like your life could use more flame-grilled burgers? Disappointed that there is no place in Lowell for drive-thru cheesy tots?

Well, then this is news for you.

Last week, the Lowell Planning Commission approved the establishment of a new Burger King in town. It’s planned for the vacant lot in front of Curtis Cleaners, making it neighbors with what will arguably be its biggest competitor: McDonalds.

This won’t be the first time the City of Lowell has had a Burger King. One of the fast food restaurants was originally opened in the city in 1992. It lasted about 20 years before closing around 2012. The city’s Dollar Tree store moved into the restaurant’s old space on Main Street in 2013.

Traffic Control the Main Issue

With the new restaurant slated for a corner lot near the busy intersection of Main Street and Valley Vista, traffic flow was an issue of concern for Planning Commission members.

While visitors will be able to access Burger King from both Main Street and Valley Vista, traffic will only be allowed a right hand turn onto Main Street when exiting. If you need to go left, you’ll have to exit onto Valley Vista and turn left at the light.

Interestingly, traffic was also a concern when the old Burger King was constructed in 1992. According to news reports from the time, residents on West Street were concerned about an access drive from the restaurant increasing traffic on their road. At the time, there were limited sidewalks on West Street, and students walked to Bowes Road to get on the school bus.

Those concerns were largely addressed when Burger King offered to help pay for the installation of sidewalks. At that time, the City of Lowell had a sidewalk program in which residents would pay for half the cost of the sidewalk and the city would pay for the remainder. The resident half could be assessed over a five year period on a property owner’s tax bills, but Burger King picked up the cost for residents as a goodwill gesture.

Nothing like that will be needed this time around although the restaurant is required to get approval from the Michigan Department of Transportation for its drive on Main Street.

Spring Opening Targeted

The new restaurant will be owned by John Gross and Brad Mailloux who are no strangers to Burger King. They already own and operate ten Burger King locations in Michigan, Illinois and Iowa. Their existing Michigan locations include restaurants in Plainwell, Allegan, Wayland, Hastings and Portland.

According to Mailloux, the Lowell location should be open in early spring of 2019 if all goes well. It is anticipated to employ 30 workers.

Note: This article was updated at 11:18am on November 20, 2018 to include information about the owners, timelines and expected employment.


  1. Lowell was named after Lowell Massachusetts in hopes that we would also one day become a thriving metropolis. In order to facilitate growth, diversity of investment is integral. From the additional of dollar tree to a Burger King, to allowing Impact Church to build in a prime retail location, the Lowell board has once again proven its incompetence and have forgotten the economic prospect for growth that the city was founded on. When will they realize that NEW businesses drive growth. Ada realizes this and has invested in merging new businesses with the historic downtown backdrop. Meanwhile, we still have failures like Sneakers bar. If anyone reads this and is on the planning board please go to the library and check out any book on economics. FA Hayek, Adam Smith, it really doesn’t matter. Any economic competence would suffice.

  2. It is exciting to see new growth and job in Lowell as the economy has picked up. Good luck Burger King. I hope other businesses follow.

  3. Is this still happening? It’s early spring and there’s no evidence of anything going on this location.

    • Hi Chris,

      We checked with the owner and were told they expect to break ground soon. Apparently, the rough winter weather put them a little behind schedule.


        • Hi Joshua,

          The new Burger King in Lowell, Michigan has been open for a while. It’s at the corner of Valley Vista and Main Street. 🙂


            • We’re a news source for Lowell, Michigan so we’re not sure about the status of the Burger King in your area, but we hope it reopens soon for you!

  4. Where can I put in a job application, I would like to transfer to the one in Lowell. If anyone knows please email me

  5. In my opinion, they should put in an A&W Restaurant if reopening a Burger King is not an option, because there’s not very many of them around. In other words, not enough locations around.

  6. Hello readers!

    We posted the following information in response to a question on Facebook, and I thought it might be helpful to include it here as well. Someone had asked who is responsible for approving businesses in the city, and here’s the answer:

    The city creates zoning districts and can regulate what types of businesses (i.e. retail, restaurant, industrial, etc) are in various districts. However, they can’t discriminate against a specific brand.

    This property is zoned C-3. In the C-3 district, a special use permit is needed for a fast food restaurant with a drive-through lane. That permit was approved by the Planning Commission.

    Again, it should be noted that the city can only regulate the type of business on a lot, not the specific company. So in this instance, the Planning Commission could not legally deny a permit based solely on the fact that this business is a Burger King (as opposed to a Culver’s or a Steak ‘n Shake). Either any fast food restaurant is allowed on the lot or no fast food restaurant is allowed on the lot.

    I hope this is helpful!

  7. Oh BOY!!! Burger King !!! We have boycotted that establishment since the other Lowell BK served my husband a burger with a MOLDY bun !! when we took it to the counter to let them know about it, the person took the sandwich and threw it on the trash.

    They never offered a new sandwich, never offered a refund, NOTHING!!!@@

    It was the rudest thing ever. They just ignored us and helped the next person.

    We have not been to any BK since, and have no plans to ever!!!!!

  8. Shame on the stupid Lowell Planning Commission for making yet another poor decision. Almost as bad as allowing triple the number of auto parts stores needed in this small town.

  9. Id like to know how to partition this, Lowell does not need a BK one they are gross and I know a lot of people would rather see a KFC or anything better.

  10. Bob Evans and/or Culver’s would be a great addition to Lowell. Another grocery store would be nice also.

  11. Well, I see the negative comments about BK, but on the positive side…. I kinda like a choice. A good location for a KFC would be the lot in front of Meijer. Another grocery store somewhere in the area would also be welcomed.. competition means lower prices. Good Luck BK… see you in the spring.

  12. Seriously! We need a burger king as much as we need another auto parts store in Lowell. How about an Aldi, KFC or a Culver’s? That would be a good investment.

    • Mike Haynes, I also hope it runs better than the last one, that place was terrible. very very slow and usually dirty. I like Burger King flame broil so I really hope it works out.

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