Business Brew to Help Local Businesses and Organizations the Fourth Wednesday of Every Month

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A trio of women, looking to help Lowell community businesses and organizations, will hold their an informational event later this month.  Laura Huth-Rhoades of do good Consulting, Brianna Furlong of Management Support Services, and Jeanne Noorman, a Lowell-based freelance writer and editor are all experts in their fields.  Together they will provide a unique opportunity to provide free marketing and communications consulting.  

The first Business Brew will take place Wednesday, May 23 from 8am-9:30am at Big Boiler Brewing, who has donated space for the monthly events.  Plan on attending if you’re involved in a current business or organization or if you have an interest in starting one. Those who have small businesses on Etsy or similar websites as well as those who are Script shoppers or involved with companies similar to Paparazzi are also encouraged to come and partake in learning, Q&A, networking and free food and coffee.  

Three Women Cross Paths
The idea for hosting a free Business Brew event in Lowell grew from an encounter between Huth-Rhoades, Furlong, and Noorman during a networking event put on by the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce.  They found their backgrounds, personalities, and love for the community meshed well together. After Huth-Rhoades mentioned the idea of the three of them working together to help local businesses, things took off.  “I have a long history of providing training and consulting to nonprofits.” she says of her nearly 25 years experience in marketing and communications. “One of the programs I offer are 30-minute and 60-minute clinics where I provide short bursts of input and feedback to clients or client groups to help troubleshoot, brainstorm, plan, or just field questions.”

The three women soon discovered they could combine their professional backgrounds as a means to benefit the Lowell community.  After percolating a bit, they came up with Business Brew. With the help of Big Boiler Brewing, a monthly gathering spot has been established.  The trio, referred to as the Brew Crew, are ready to collaborate and use their talents to give back to the community.

The Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, Big Boiler Brewing, and Kim Feenstra Photography are helping Business Brew through sponsorship.

What to Expect
Each month the event will begin with a 30 minute group Top Tips session offering advice on marketing and communications which are free or low-cost.  The discussion for May 23 is Ten 5-minute marketing ideas. After an approximate 15 minute informational session, attendees will have time to chat and network before heading into a Clinic Session.  The Top Tip portion of Business Brew is free and registration is not required.

Clinic Sessions which follow, beginning at 8:30am or 9am, are 30 minutes of chatting with a Brew Crew member of your choice.  Gain insight on specific topics using their expertise along with others interested in speaking with the specific team member you select.  “Businesses can choose who they want to talk to and what they want to talk about. It’s our hope that leaving the topic open like this will allow businesses to receive advice and assistance wherever they need it most.” says Noorman.  These sessions are also at no cost but seats are limited and registration is required.

The intention of these monthly Business Brew sessions is to offer information and advice, ask questions, and meet others involved in local businesses and organizations.  Those who are interested in starting a business can come and gather information which will help get a new idea off the ground.

Energy Infused Morning Brew
Members of the Brew Crew are eager to share their knowledge and help businesses and organizations in the community succeed.  Those who attend can expect professional, friendly, and energetic presentations each month. Top Tips discussions for the rest of the year are listed on the Business Brew Facebook page as follows:

Wednesday, May 23: 8-9:30AM (8AM HOT TIPS Topic: Ten 5-minute marketing ideas)
Wednesday, June 27: 8-9:30AM (8AM HOT TIPS Topic: Free ways to spread the word)
Wednesday, July 25: 8-9:30AM (8AM HOT TIPS Topic: Best ideas for email)
Wednesday, Aug 22: 8-9:30AM (8AM HOT TIPS Topic: Hot social media tips)
Wednesday, Sept 26: 8-9:30AM (8AM HOT TIPS Topic: Websites that work)
Wednesday, Oct 24: 8-9:30AM (8AM HOT TIPS Topic: Identifying strategic opps)
Wednesday, Nov 28: 8-9:30AM (8AM HOT TIPS Topic: Hot holiday tips)
Wednesday, Dec 26: ENJOY YOUR   HOLIDAY AND WE’LL SEE YOU IN 2019!

A Lowell Business Brew website is in the works and will be ready in the coming days.  You will be able to register online for the Clinic Sessions.  Until the site is available, those interested in registering or would like additional information about Business Brew should contact Laura Huth-Rhoades at 217-778-1687 or or Brianna Furlong at 517-930-0550 or

The Brew Crew are looking forward to meeting members of the community and are eager to share their talents.  Business Brew takes place the fourth Wednesday of each month at Big Boiler Brewing, located at 318 E. Main St., beginning at 8am with Top Tips followed by Clinic Sessions at 8:30am and 9am.  These events are free, however registration is required for the Clinic Sessions.

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