Christmas Through Lowell On the Horizon

Happy Merry Halloistmas?  While the month of October has not seen its last day, many big box retail stores are already gearing up for Christmas, with a little fanfare to that holiday where we look to give thanks.  Holiday reminders throughout the year in the retail world can be confusing.  Is Cupid dressed like Santa in the making?

While chain stores are eager to remind customers of holidays months in advance, seemingly earlier and earlier each year, Christmas Through Lowell occurs the same time annually.  As the fall colors from October wane, Thanksgiving and a more traditional start to the Christmas holiday season comes into view.  The third weekend in November has been established as the largest shopping event in the Lowell community.  

Unique Items Await
The Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce plans and hosts the event each year.  In its 26th year, Christmas Through Lowell has become a tradition for vendors and shoppers alike.  “It’s a great event for not only the participants of Christmas Through Lowell, but all the businesses…whether it be a restaurant, fast food, convenience store/gas station and of course retail businesses.” says Chamber Director Liz Baker.  The bustle and buzz in the Historic District and other locations will be home to items which must be “Homemade, Antiques, and Re-found Treasures” according to the event’s webpage.  Items which are purchased wholesale and resold and products from participants in direct-sales are prohibited.  

The three-day event brings people from all over the state to browse and purchase items, getting a head start on holiday shopping.  Over 1,000 shoppers are anticipated to visit historic downtown and the surrounding area.  More than 300 vendors will be located in area homes, organizations, businesses, and churches.

Handmade items including jewelry, crocheted and knit items, rugs, quilts, wood signs, candles, soaps, greeting cards, and much more.  Christmas Through Lowell gives vendors and businesses the opportunity to meet community residents and welcome guests.  Those seeking creative gift ideas will find unique wares to give to others and perhaps keep for yourself.

Those who work up an appetite with all of the shopping will be able to fill up at various locations.  The Lowell Women’s Club will offer lunch at the Chamber building on Friday and Saturday 11 am – 2 pm.  Food and beverages will also be served Friday and Saturday at the First Congregational Church and the United Methodist Church.

Location, Location, Location
There’s plenty of time to decide which locations are a must for your shopping needs.  With Grand Volute and River Edge B&B not hosting vendors this year, Cris Snyder came to the rescue to help those who were displaced find a new home at locations #17, #35, and #40.

A brochure providing information about vendor location is available at the Chamber.  It will also be available during the event at participant locations.  A digital copy can be viewed at the event’s webpage.  Additionally, an online map laying out the various stops is handy for those wanting a mobile version.

Crossing Items Off the List
Christmas Through Lowell may be a few weeks away, but excitement is building.  The banner hung across Main Street and signs indicating participant locations will remind the community and those who visit of what’s to come.  In the weeks leading up to the event, Lowell’s First Look will be providing information on some of the vendors who will be selling items this year, including an in-depth look at the Chamber’s featured artist Sheila Phenix of Idle Tyme Creations.   

It’s possible to complete shopping for friends and family in one weekend without leaving the Lowell community.  Vendors have worked hard throughout the year to prepare for this event.  It’s not often a consumer can speak directly with someone involved with the making of merchandise being purchased.  And local small businesses are opening their doors to host vendors showcasing their handiwork.  

Once again the community comes together to provide a unique experience to buyers and sellers throughout numerous locations.  Christmas Through Lowell runs Friday, November 17 from 9 am – 9 pm, Saturday, November 18 from 9 am – 7 pm, and Sunday, November 19 from 11 am – 5 pm.  Not all locations are open on Sunday.  Check the brochure located online or at the Chamber for information about each location and operating days.

Keeping the festivities going, the annual nighttime Christmas Parade will fill Main Street with floats decked out representing the Redneck Christmas theme.  The parade kicks off Saturday, December 2 at 6 pm.  Mark your calendar and come welcome Santa back to Lowell.  

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