City Council Recap: No Quorum, No Meeting

Inclement weather moved Tuesday’s meeting of Lowell City Council from Creekside Park to Zoom. However, a lack of a quorum on the videoconferencing platform meant no meeting could place at all. Three of the five city councilmembers must be present for the body to conduct any business.

Mayor Mike DeVore and Councilmember Cliff Yankovich were present, and it appeared Councilmembers Greg Canfield and Marty Chambers had previously notified City Manager Mike Burns they would be unable to attend. That left Councilmember Jim Salzwedel to round out the quorum.

Despite an apparent attempt by Burns to reach Salzwedel, the councilmember did not log-in by 7:05pm and it was decided to cancel the meeting.

“The only thing is that we’ve got bills, and I’d say pay them,” Burns said. Yankovich asked if there was anything unusual in the bills, and the city manager noted there was a large bill related to the Showboat, but it was a previously approved expense.

The following were among the larger bills listed in the meeting packet:

  • $229,544.18 to Moran Iron Works for construction of the new Showboat
  • $10,910.45 to law firm Dickinson Wright, including $4,916.45 for Sabo PR and $5,309.50 for “personnel matter”
  • $9,533.30 to BLDI Environmental Engineering for the Ware Road Landfill
  • $9,507.80 to Kore/Hi Com for computer services

“I don’t see anything on [the agenda] that can’t wait,” DeVore said.

Amy Brown, Deputy City Clerk, noted the only timely item on the agenda was a resolution to designate September 20, 2020 as Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Recognition Day.

The next regular city council meeting will take place on Monday, September 21, at 7pm.

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