City to Test Sanitary Sewer Lines

The City of Lowell will be performing smoke testing on sanitary sewer lines within city limits beginning this week and concluding on June 15.  This task is being completed by Prein&Newhof inspection crews.  Smoke testing is being done to locate any breaks or other issues within the sewer system.   Manhole covers will be opened in areas where testing is in progress.

While uncommon, smoke may be detected exiting holes in the ground or vent stacks on houses.  The smoke being used is non-toxic and will not harm humans, pets, or plants.  It will also no odor, creates no fire hazard, and will not leave a residue in any lines being tested.

Smoke should not be seen in homes or businesses unless the building has defective plumbing or a dried up drain trap.  If smoke is visible in a home or business, the crew working in the area should be contacted.  Drains in a building which are not frequently used may have a dried up drain trap.  To remedy this issue, water should be poured down the infrequently used drain in order to fill the trap.  This will stop any smoke from entering the building through this drain.

The following two page document of information was provided by the City of Lowell regarding the testing process and frequently asked questions.

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