Construct Lowell Area Youth to Hold Public Forum

Construct Lowell Area Youth (CLAY) will host a meeting where the community is invited to discuss the idea of a community center.   The purpose of the forum is to provide an opportunity for input and be able to become involved in a potential center.

Discussion Points
The need for a community center serving the greater Lowell area has been on the minds of some for years.  There’s no one stop shop to get information on area sports, a location where community recreation and educational classes can take place, or common area to rent rooms.  This forum is meant to initiate a discussion on what a community center might look like, what it might offer, where it could be located, how funds can be raised to create such a building, and more.  It’s a big topic to tackle, but CLAY feels it’s important to bring it to the forefront. Those interested in helping research, continue analysis, and remain in future conversation will be able to sign up for a committee, updates, or help in other aspects.  

Members of CLAY will introduce themselves and lay out the ground rules and expectations for discussion.  In order to keep the forum on task, those wishing to speak will be given a certain amount of time to ensure fairness for those who participate in discussions.  Topics of discussion will include leadership, funding, and facility.

The forum agenda is still taking shape, but the idea remains the same.  Those who wish to provide input on the vision of a community center and steps to make it a reality are invited to a forum taking place on Tuesday, September 25 from 7pm-8:30pm at the Chamber of Commerce building along the Riverwalk.  

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