Darren McCarty on Stage at Larkins Other Place

Darren McCarty is most notably known for his time playing with the Detroit Red Wings hockey team in the mid 90s and 2000s, bringing his brawn to the ice helping the Wings earn four Stanley Cups.  What isn’t as well-known is his involvement with a band and newer role bringing comedy to Michigan cities. Lowell will have a chance to see McCarty as he takes the stage at Larkins Other Place on Saturday, October 19.  

Bringing Comedy to Lowell

Mike Chambers has been involved in comedy for about eight years.  Lowell hosts a different comedian each month at Larkins Other Place.  Chambers also serves as the evening’s emcee. According to Chambers, most of the shows sell out and Lowell is the number one monthly show in Michigan.  He also adds, “You have 100 plus people coming to the show. They all go out to dinner and they all go have drinks. So it’s a win, win for the town. And all it’s all local.”.

Through a mutual friend with McCarty, it was suggested to Chambers to bring the former hockey player to Lowell.  Chambers went to a show and was impressed with the time McCarty took to meet with people after the show, his way of connecting with people, and of course the content of the show itself.  Wheels were set in motion and McCarty was booked for an October show.  

Chambers is proud of his work to bring monthly comedy shows to Lowell.  Serving as the host he has been able to work with comics he has listened to for years such as Bob and Tom from radio fame.  

It’s About Connecting with People

Referring to himself as “Detroit’s favorite step-son” as he was born in Canada, McCarty has kept himself busy since retiring from professional hockey 10 years ago.  He has spent the past decade on a variety of projects including a role as the lead singer in his band named Grinders. He also has a podcast titled Grind Time, which he hopes fans will tune into weekly.  

Image provided by The Comedian Company.

It’s his Slapstick Comedy Tour which brings him to Lowell.  “I’ll try anything.” said McCarty during a phone interview when asked how he morphed from hockey player to comedian with stops to take on other endeavours along the way.  He also said he’s not afraid of making an idiot of himself. And he’s quick to say that he’s not a comedian in the traditional sense. He considers himself an entertainer and storyteller who loves comedy.  During his shows he shares stories about hockey, life, and looks to connect with the audience through a Q&A segment.  

Since April 2018, McCarty has been on the road performing in cities around Michigan.  “I’m going to take care of Michigan first and see where it goes.” he says of whether or not he’ll expand into other states.  Telling of his own life stories with a humorous spin and keeping intentions pure are what audience experience. He speaks of having to get back up after falling down and putting himself out there.  “Comedy makes me better.” he reflects.  

Reserve Your Seat

A love of travel and meeting people fits in Darren McCarty’s comedy gig.  After his shows he’ll spend time with the audience signing autographs and taking photos.  Lowell will have the opportunity to take in a stop on the Slapstick Comedy Tour on Saturday, October 19.  The show will be at Larkins Other Place located at 315 W. Main. Doors open at 7pm with the show beginning at 8pm.  If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, the show is sold out.  

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