Election 2019: Lowell Michigan Election Results

While state and national elections seem to get the most attention, local races may have the most direct impact on voters.

This year, voters in the City of Lowell selected three councilmembers and decided whether to institute an income tax to help pay for road repairs. Meanwhile, Lowell Charter Township asked its residents if they would pay an extra mill in property taxes for public safety services.

Here’s what voters said.

City of Lowell 2019 Election Results

2019 Lowell City Council Election

There were five candidates vying for three seats on Lowell City Council. Overall, 818 ballots were cast and the top vote-getters were Cliff Yankovich and Mike DeVore. Receiving 465 and 403 votes respectively, they each receive a four-year term on the council. Marty Chambers came in third with 373 votes and will serve a two-year term.

Here is the final tally for all candidates:

Cliff Yankovich: 465

Mike DeVore: 403

Marty Chambers: 373

Danielle Ettinger: 334

Jake Davenport: 332

Lowell City Income Tax Proposals

Lowell voters rejected a proposal to institute a city income tax. While they approved a proposal to reduce the city property tax rate by 5 mills, that would only go into effect if the income tax had been enacted.

The vote on the proposals was as follows:

Proposal 1 (City Income Tax)

Yes: 315

No: 495

Proposal 2 (City Property Tax Reduction)

Yes: 540

No: 257

Overall, 27.1% of registered voters turned out for the election in the City of Lowell.

Lowell Charter Township 2019 Election Results

By a nine vote margin, Lowell Charter Township voters came out in opposition to a public safety millage proposal. The township was asking for an additional mill in property tax to pay for police and fire protection.

The vote broke down as follows:

Lowell Charter Township Public Safety Millage Proposal

Yes: 391

No: 400

Overall, 18.8% of registered voters turned out for the election in Lowell Township.

For more election results from Kent County, visit the Election Reporting website.

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