Election 2021: Everything You Need to Know Before Voting in Lowell

On Tuesday, November 2 voters will head to the polls. The City of Lowell, Vergennes Township, and Grattan Township will all have items on the ballot. Lowell Charter Township does not have an election this November. Ballots can be cast between 7am and 8pm, and here’s everything you need to know, depending on where you live.

2021 City of Lowell November Election

There are two precincts in the city, and all voters cast their ballots at Lowell City Hall. City voters will elect councilmembers this year as well as decide whether to renew a Lowell Area Historical Museum millage.

Lowell City Council Election

Four candidates are vying for three spots on Lowell City Council. The two candidates with the most votes will receive four-year terms on the council while the third-place finisher will have a two-year term.

Click each name below to read the profile of each candidate.

Marty Chambers

Jake Davenport

Leah Groves

Jim Salzwedel

We also emailed each candidate questions about specific policies and issues. You can click each question below to read their responses. Candidate responses were copied verbatim and have not been edited in any way.

What do you see as the role of councilmembers within city government? And what specifically would you like to achieve during your time on City Council, if elected?

What are the three biggest challenges facing the City of Lowell today and how will you address them?

Do you think the current ordinance and zoning for recreational marijuana businesses within the City of Lowell is working well or should it be changed? If so, how?

How do you think the city should spend any extra money it receives from sources such as marijuana taxes or COVID-19 stimulus money? (Same link as the question above.)

What do you think should happen to Recreation Park after the Kent County Youth Fair moves to its new location? How should your idea be funded?

What role, if any, do you think the City of Lowell should play in the development of a community center? (Same link as the question above.)

Lowell Area Historical Museum Millage Renewal

The City of Lowell is asking voters for the renewal of a ten-year, .25 mil. Funds from this millage provide approximately one-quarter of the Lowell Area Historical Museum’s operational costs.

For more detailed information, read our article about the renewal.

2021 Vergennes Township and Grattan Township Election

Voters in Vergennes Township and Grattan Township will have their say in a special election for an open Michigan State Senate seat left vacant in November 2020. The following people will appear on the ballot for State Senator for the 28th District.

Keith Courtade – Democratic
Mark Huizenga – Republican
Alex Avery – Libertarian
Theodore Gerrard – U.S. Taxpayers

2021 Lowell Charter Township Election

There are no local races or ballot proposals in Lowell Charter Township this fall.

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