Election 2021: Lowell Michigan Election Results

During the 2021 general election, voters in the City of Lowell selected three councilmembers and decided whether to renew a 10-year 0.25 millage to help fund the Lowell Area Historical Museum. Meanwhile, Vergennes and Grattan Township residents were voting in a special election for a State Senate seat.

Here’s what voters said.

City of Lowell 2021 Election Results

2021 Lowell City Council Election

Results from Precinct 1

There were four candidates vying for three seats on Lowell City Council. Overall, the top vote-getters were Marty Chambers and Leah Groves. They each receive a four-year term on the council. Jim Salzwedel came in third and will serve a two-year term.

Here is the final tally for all candidates across both precincts.

Marty Chambers: 435

Leah Groves: 419

Jim Salzwedel: 400

Jake Davenport: 312

Write-in: 5

Lowell City Museum Millage Renewal

Results from Precinct 2

Lowell voters easily approved a millage renewal from the Lowell Area Historical Museum. The millage will add 0.25 mill to city property taxes for the next 10 years with all proceeds going to support the museum operations.

The vote across two precincts was as follows:

Yes: 454

No: 184

Overall, the voter turnout in the City of Lowell was 19.75%.

2021 Vergennes Township and Grattan Township Election

Voters in Vergennes Township and Grattan Township had their say in a special election for an open Michigan State Senate seat left vacant in November 2020. The overall winner of the race was Mark Huizenga who garnered approximately 60% of the total vote in the district.

Voters in Vergennes Township cast their votes in this way:

Keith Courtade: 312
Mark Huizenga: 469
Alex Avery: 7
Theodore Gerrard: 4
Write-in: 1

Voter turnout in Vergennes Township was 21.03%

Voters in Grattan Township cast their votes as follows:

Keith Courtade: 261
Mark Huizenga: 513
Alex Avery: 5
Theodore Gerrard: 4
Write-in: 0

Voter turnout in Grattan Township was 23.36%

2021 Lowell Charter Township Election

There are no local races or ballot proposals in Lowell Charter Township this fall.

For more election results from Kent County, visit the Election Reporting website.

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