Embracing the Frozen Tundra

This week it’s looking like Mother Nature has been talking with Old Man Winter and convinced him to take a firm grip on west Michigan.  But there are some fun things to do even when temperatures are in the single digits. In fact, there are things to do which work better under these conditions.  Here are some things kids and adults can do in the frigid temperatures. Of course, limit time and exposure to these weather conditions while you experiment. Safety first!

Freeze This and That
We don’t have the freezing powers of Elsa or Mr. Freeze, but it is possible to experiment with putting water in containers and letting it freeze.  Fill up a sandwich bag, old pill container, or water bottle and see what happens after the water freezes and expands. How does the result change depending on whether or not there’s a pocket of air in the container?

You can also take a cup filled with water and throw it in the air to see what happens to the liquid as it falls through the air.  

Bubble Fun
Who says blowing bubbles is only for warm weather?  Blow bubbles and watch them freeze during this cold spell.  Solid flakes will float around as bubbles freeze and pop in the air.  Catch a bubble on the wand and watch as it freezes. Some bubbles may also land and stay form.  They’ll then roll around on the ground!

Colored Snow
This one is for when temps are warmer.  Fill a spray bottle with water and add food coloring to it.  Build something out of snow and spray to color it. Experiment with different colors.  You know the advice about not eating yellow snow.  It’s probably safer to stay away from consuming any colored snow outside but white.

For the Birds
If you’d really rather stay inside when it’s cold and snowy, set up a bird feeder.  Watch what birds come to take seed.  How many can you identify?  Observe if there are certain times during the day when the feeder sees more action.

No Need to Hibernate
During the winter months and even when temperatures are expected to be *really* cold, you can still go out and have fun.  Remember to take caution when the windchill is extreme and limit exposure. Whether you have kids or grandkids or are a kid at heart, go out and have fun in winter weather right outside your house.

This weekend is also WinterFest at Wittenbach.  Visitors can participate in a wide range of activities which celebrate the winter months.  

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