Fans in the Stands Provides Lowell with Custom Gear and More

For about two months, Fans in the Stands have been establishing themselves in Lowell.  The name and ownership may be new, but the seasoned experience behind the business has customers cheering.  

Continuing the Tradition
April McClure and her sister Misty Anderson are the women behind the business.  You’re likely to see one or both of them when you visit the store. And there’s Tru.  There’s a good chance you’ll encounter him as well. He’s a big, but friendly guy who likes to hang out in the front window.  You’ll know who he is – he’s the furry guy walking around on four feet.

McClure and Anderson have been friends with Hollie Jordan, who owned Pep Talk, for a number of years.  McClure also had experience working there over the years. When Jordan decided it was time to sell her business, McClure took the opportunity as a way to contribute and invest within the community.  

McClure loves working with people and being creative, so it was a good fit.  She also liked the idea of keeping a business going in Lowell as a life-long resident wanting to support Lowell.   

While McClure and Anderson continue to invest in the tradition Pep Talk started, they wanted to new name to represent new ownership.  They say it’s time to “rejuvenate the energy and spirit of the store”. Fans in the Stands became the new business name. It portrays the business helping all sorts of fans.  There are not only sports fans in the community looking for gear to support their favorite team. Businesses have a fan base as well, whether it be their own employees or their customers.  

Serving All Teams
Much of their current work is done for local businesses.  Embroidering logos for workwear has proven to be popular. Whether you own a business, club, organization, are part of a team sport, or other group, your logo can be put into digital format for a one-time fee.  This file is then used to create artwork on a number of items.

Shirts and other clothing can be purchased through Fans in the Stands or brought in by customer.  They can create images for a bulk order or just a handful of items. The cost of putting a logo, words, or whatever creation a customer comes up with depends on the complexity of the design.  Custom vinyl is also offered.

McClure and Anderson are happy and eagerly waiting to talk with customers about the various options they offer.  Customers will be able to find shirts and pants for men, women, and kids. They recently added onsies for the youngest fans in a household.  They plan on adding collars for furry fans and are looking into a small line of unique gifts.

Let Out Your Inner Fan
Fans in the Stands have been open for a couple of months now.  With no minimum order, it’s easy for any fan to create custom gear to show their support.  “[There is] Currently no minimum order as custom is what we encourage. Be proud to be that square peg in this round peg world!” says McClure.  Clothing isn’t the only thing they can customize. Blankets, sports bags, backpacks, diaper bags, bibs, and towels are just some of the they can work with.  

The two sisters invite everyone to come in and say “hi”.  They’ve got something for everyone and are able to order items if something of interest can’t be located in the store.  Look for Fans in the Stands to be a location for purchasing Pink Arrow gear later in the summer.  They will be available after the August 16 Pink Arrow Community Day.

Located at 207 E. Main Street, Fans in the Stands is open Tuesday through Thursday 11 am – 6 pm and Friday and Saturday 10 am – 4 pm.  Visit their Facebook page for their latest news, information on products, and any upcoming events or specials.  

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