Far from a Rookie

Rookies Sportscards Plus has been a family business at 106 W. Main Street for decades.  In fact, they celebrated their 25th year in business this past spring.  Free Comic Book Day is their most popular event and the most noticeable.  It’s hard to miss the likes of Flash, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and other super heroes on the sidewalk.

The Business
Current owner Jack Reedy took over the business from his dad Donald Reedy, Sr..  His dad opened the store on April 12, 1992.  Reedy, Sr. was not new to owning a business.  Rookies opened after he sold his real estate business to Greenridge.  Looking for something more relaxing to do he incorporated his interest in trading sports cards with a vacant building in his possession to form a new business.  Starting off as a place to purchase sports cards the business name came from first year “rookie” cards.  Over the years the Sportscards Plus portion of the name has come into play with additional offerings of comic books and games.  The games category includes items like Magic, Pokemon, miniatures and board games.  

Jack Reedy had recently graduated from Calvin College in 1992 and started working part-time at his dad’s store.  “Little did we know…” he says reflecting back.  He enjoys coming into work every day.  His daughter Anna, who turned 10 last week, is already talking about taking over the business.  

Reedy mans the store, which is open seven days a week,  along with two part-time employees.  Loyal customers also help with hosting and judging gaming events.  He’s quick to mention those who work for him and help with events are more than just employees and customers – they’re also friends.   

Weekly gaming events are held at BC Pizza.  Rookies also sponsors events like Baseball Card Day, NFL Player of the Day, and of course Free Comic Book Day.  This last event is held the first Saturday each May.  Tents are put up outside, comics are given away, and super heroes stop by to pose for photos.  

Building Updates
Last year Reedy invested money into the foundation of his building.  This year he plans on working on the outside of the building.  He attended the July Historic District Commission’s meeting to discuss improvements and seek some grant money to help with the financial expense.  Look for an outside face lift to be completed this fall.  Reedy is aware of the need to put money back into his business in order to keep customers and bring new ones through the door.

In fact, one of the challenges Reedy sites over the past 25 years is remaining relevant with changing times.  Adding comics and games is part of this evolution.  Weekly events help him and his customers remain involved with his products.  

Rookies is also host to a Chair-A-Tee entry.  Stop in and take a look and bid on a Wonder Woman themed chair!

A Bright Future
Reedy knows it’s not easy owning an independent business.  He credits loyal customers and community support for the past 25 years of success.  He’s eager to see what future decades will bring.  “I’d just like to say thank you to everyone that’s supported us throughout the years.  If you’ve never stopped in, please do!  You’ll probably be surprised at all the unique items we carry!” Reedy concludes.  You’ll be greeted by a smiling face and someone eager to talk about sports cards, comics, and games.  

Those who are interested in keeping tabs on events sign up for the weekly newsletter.  Information can also be found on their website and Facebook page.  

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