Find a Medallion; Win a Prize: Introducing The Lowell Riddler

For more than three decades, many in the area would await the new year and a new riddle from Joe Cramer. Known as the Wyoming Riddler, Cramer hid a medallion somewhere in greater Grand Rapids and released monthly clues as to its location. Whoever found the medallion won treasure that included silver tableware and silver dollars.

Now, Lowell is getting its own Riddler. Lowell’s First Look has been approached by a local resident who is planning their own version of the scavenger hunt. However, instead of silver treasure, winners will receive gift cards that can be used at area businesses. For example, the prize for the first clue includes Lowell Bucks, a Flat River Grill gift card and a Subway gift card.

Here’s what The Lowell Riddler has to say about where medallions will be hidden:

The medallion is accessible 24 hours a day by the public. It will never be on private property. It will never be buried in the ground. You may have to move grass, snow or leaves to see it. It is no higher than five feet above ground and it may be hanging on a string. Your participation in this activity is purely voluntary. If at any time you believe that the search conditions are unsafe or that you are unable to participate due to physical or medical conditions, then please discontinue participation. And please respect icy, slippery conditions and crossing busy streets.

We’ll post a new riddle or clue every Saturday morning, and there will be a graphic at the top of our website to let you quickly see if the riddle has been solved or if the medallion is still waiting to be found.

While The Lowell Riddler is providing prizes for the first few riddles, they could use a little help to keep the fun going. Businesses are invited to donate gift cards to their stores to be used as prizes. Businesses without a storefront are encouraged to donate Lowell Bucks.

Those who donate can forward Lowell Bucks directly to The Lowell Riddler at [email protected] Donations can also be sent to:

The Lowell Riddler
P.O. Box 883
Ada, MI 49301.

All prize donors will be recognized on Lowell’s First Look unless they wish to remain anonymous.

And for those of you trying to solve the riddle, look for the first clue on Saturday. Good luck and happy hunting to all!

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