Fish and Finn Outfitters and Consignment to Open in Downtown Lowell

For Luke Marin, opening a business with an outdoor focus has been a dream for decades in the making. In the past year, he and his wife, Rachel have worked on putting a plan in motion to make it happen. Fish and Finn Outfitters and Consignment is still setting up their store, with the goal to open in mid-August. They are located at 98 E Main Street in downtown Lowell.

On Starting a Family Business

Luke Marin has had roots in  Lowell since he was 18 and Rachel has been a resident of the community for 13 years, however, both grew up in Ada. The two have been together for 16 years and married for almost 7 years and have three children – Fisher, who is 8 years old, Finnian, who is 5 years old, and Elowyn “Lowie” who is 2 years old. 

The name of their business is derived from their son’s name. “We have actually had the name picked out for about 4 years and then we welcomed a daughter 2 years ago, so we will try and find a fun way to incorporate her name at some point,” comments Rachel. Luke leaves behind a career in plumbing in order to start the business.

Luke’s mom passed away from Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer occurring on the brain or spinal cord, a year ago. Throughout their grieving process, the Marins talked more seriously about making the dream of opening a business into reality. The passing of both of Luke’s parents abruptly made the couple more aware that there’s never as much time as one thinks to make dreams come true. 

Passion for Outdoors

Luke was born in the Virgin Islands and started fishing, spearfishing, lobster snaring, and other outdoor activities at a young age. After his parents divorced he spent the school year with his mom in Michigan and at this time became interested in hunting, freshwater fishing. Summers spent with his dad in St. Thomas included competitive spearfishing and sport fishing. 

After high school, Luke moved to Wyoming to attend Bald Mountain Outfitters Guide and Outfitters Training School. From there he was hired as a hunting guide in Texas followed by being a first mate on a fishing charter in the Virgin Islands. Throughout the years he has also held jobs at various outdoor stores including Gander Mountain and Al & Bob’s. 

“Working & playing in the outdoors is a lifelong passion for me and that takes gear…lots of gear,” he says.

It became a natural dream for Luke to want to be even more immersed in the outdoor gear world. And now is the time for his lifelong passion to open a business where he can bring his knowledge, expertise, and love for the outdoors to run a successful business.

Focus on Outdoor Gear

Fish and Finn Outfitters and Consignment will take in items based on consignment, including hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear as well as youth sports items. The store will also carry a variety of new hunting, fishing, and outdoor products as well as a live bait selection.

When asked why this type of business is needed in Lowell, Luke explains, “I have lived here since I was 18 and have consistently been frustrated trying to find live bait and any last minute needs before heading up for deer camp or going on a fishing trip locally. Since our boys started sports, my wife has complained of the inconvenience of having to do numerous marketplace pickups all over just to outfit one kid for one sport and it was there that the idea to combine the 2 came together.” 

Luke says that bow hunting and fishing are his favorite outdoor activities. In addition to selling products, he’s sure to be eager to share stories with those who come into the shop and browse. Due to the consignment aspect of the business, inventory will constantly change making the shopping experience new each time. 

Currently Accepting Fall Equipment

The Marins hope to open the store to the public in mid-August so they can help outfit people with fall sports equipment. While the store is not quite open for sales, those looking to consign items are welcome to drop them off for evaluation. Days and times they’ll be open for drop-offs are posted on their Facebook page.

Within 24 hours of dropping items off to be considered for consignment, people will be notified what items have been selected and what the retail price will be. Any items that are not accepted will need to be picked up. Items will be displayed for sale for 90 days. Anything that hasn’t been sold within this time will be returned to the consignor or donated upon their request. Items currently being accepted include youth sports gear and items related to hunting, fishing, and hiking. 

The Marins are excited to serve the community by “offering affordable gear while keeping perfectly good items out of landfills.” They also welcome requests and feedback on items others would like to see in the store. Additionally, they’re eager to partner with local suppliers wherever possible and are looking for anyone local who may have products that would work well in their store to reach out. 

Photos courtesy of the Marin family and used with permission.

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