Flat River Outreach Ministries October Volunteers of the Month

We received the following information about the FROM volunteers of the month for October.  

For October we want to recognize our Finance and Governance Committees as the Volunteers of the Month. These two committees made up of Board Members and members of the community, serve behind the scenes and make sure FROM is adhering to the rules set up by the Board of Directors and that we are being wise financial stewards of our resources. These committees meet  and report back to the Board.

Governance Committee (from back to front:) Ann Dimmick, Ryan Kresge, Annie Link, Eric Wakeman and Dawn Broene (FROM Executive Director)

Finance Committee (from left to right): Peter Wills, Dave Pasquelle, Jim Hodges and Paul Mundt

Thank you for all you do! We appreciate the extra time these folks put in to help FROM continue to make a difference in our community for years to come.

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