Flat River Outreach Ministries Partners with Local Businesses as Summer Lunch Buddies Nears

June 1-3 residents in the community will have the opportunity to make a donation to Flat River Outreach Ministries (FROM) by getting more bang for your buck.  Ada Lowell 5 will be donating 50% of concession sales up to $500 and the Meijer Simply Give Double Match days boost your donation as well.

Concession Sales Donated
On Thursday, June 1 from 3:30-7:30 Ada Lowell 5 will be donating 50% of concession sales to FROM.  This is the first time the two entities have worked together.  

You don’t need to go see a movie to pick up treats from the theater.  Anyone can go in at anytime if a hankering for movie popcorn needs to be met.  Planning a movie night at home with the family?  Go get real movie theater popcorn for a treat.  Even sweet treats can be purchased without staying to see a show.  

Ada Lowell 5 is once again working to give back to the community.  With up to a $500 donation shoppers will get a yummy treat and FROM will receive a donation which will help others in the community.  This coupon must be printed and presented for your purchase to count.  

Meijer Simply Give Double Match Days
On June 2 and 3 for every $10 purchased via Simply Give cards at the Lowell Meijer will donate $20.  The Simply Give cards can be found in the checkout lanes.  They can be purchased at any time but for these two days there’s an added incentive.

The money raised through the Simply Give program for food programs at FROM.  The Meijer Corporation started the program in November 2008 and has donated more than 28 million dollars has been donated to local food pantries in the midwest.  FROM is currently gearing up for their Summer Lunch Buddies program so there is an additional need for food within the community.  

Speaking of Summer Lunch Buddies…
June 13 – Aug. 15 (with the exception of July 4) Lunch Buddies will serve kids 3-18 living in the Lowell Area School district.  Each Tuesday from 1pm – 7pm each child within the age range can select five free lunches.  

Lowell’s First Look previously wrote about the Lunch Buddies program leading up to Spring Break.  The details are the same but the duration is weekly throughout the summer.  Kids can come and pick out their own lunch choices while learning about healthy selections.  Parents can come and talk with other parents over coffee while kids read or play games or put puzzles together.  

The Open a Book Grow a Healthy Mind theme will continue during the summer.  Each week there will be a room where kids can read books.  Additionally Arrow Readers will be on location.  Lowell’s First Look is currently working on a story about this traveling event.  Kids are familiar with the Accelerated Reader (AR) program in school.  Arrow Readers is a way for kids to continue reading books and taking quizzes throughout the summer.  

FROM Initiatives Give Back
FROM is always aiding those in the community who need a little extra help.  Generous donations are what contribute to the ability to serve so many families.  The Lunch Buddies program helps families with already tight budgets out with a meal for kids when they’re not in school.  

By going out and purchasing a treat from Ada Lowell 5 on Thursday, June 1 and purchasing Simply Give cards at Meijer on Friday and Saturday June 2 and 3 you can be part of the effort to not only think of but help those who need a financial and sometimes emotional boost.  

Fifty percent of concession sales will be donated to FROM and each $10 Simply Give donation will turn into $30 thanks to Ada Lowell 5 and Meijer showing their support in the Lowell community.  

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