Free Tax Service Offered Through Flat River Outreach Ministries

Flat River Outreach Ministries (FROM) is once again helping people prepare their taxes.  Those who qualify are able to take advantage of this free program through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA).

Qualified Volunteers
The Heart of West Michigan United way runs the VITA program.  All volunteers are trained by the IRS prior to working with clients.  Each Tuesday from now through April 9 appointments can be made for tax preparation services at FROM.  Those with a household income of under $66,000 is eligible and can set up an appointment at FROM or other locations throughout Kent County by calling United Way at (800) 887-1107 or 2-1-1.  Appointments must be set up through United Way. A total of 16 FROM volunteers help with this program, 11 of which are trained in tax preparation. Last year FROM volunteers helped 281 clients receive $445,799 in refunds!

Clients are asked to bring the following information to their appointment:

  1.    Social Security card for each family member and picture ID for adults
  2.    W-2 form for all jobs worked in the previous year
  3.    1099 forms for other income (including unemployment)
  4.    All forms 1095, health Insurance Statements
  5.    Supplemental Security Income (SSI) letter
  6.    Copy of your last year’s tax return (if available)
  7.    Last year’s heating bills (11/2017-11/2018)
  8.    Proof of rent or mortgage and property tax payments
  9.    Name and address of all landlords
  10.  Childcare provider’s name, address and federal tax identification number
  11.  Blank, voiced check (to set up direct deposit of your refund)
  12.  Any other tax-related letters or document you have received (including letter from the Internal Revenue Service)

FROM offers a variety of services to those in the Lowell community Their program and services page outlines ways those in need can receive help.  

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