FROM Food Fight Begins May 1

We received the following press release from Flat River Outreach Ministries.

Flat River Outreach Ministries 13th Annual Food Fight Raises Resources for Greater Lowell Community Through Friendly But Fierce Competition

With May just around the corner, it can only mean one thing for FROM (Flat River Outreach Ministries) – the launch of their annual Food Fight Campaign!

From May 1 – June 1 the nonprofit is encouraging the Greater Lowell community to give from the heart in this friendly but fierce competition to see who can raise the most resources!

The 13th annual campaign divides the Greater Lowell Community into two teams – North and South with M-21 splitting the teams. Each dollar and food item that is donated to FROM counts as a point for that team.

“It’s always a joy to see our community come together to help our neighbors in need,” Arianne Hall, Development Director said. “After 12 years the teams are tied with 6 wins each. It’ll be fun to watch how it unfolds this year.”

For the last Food Fight campaign, $127,455.00 was raised and 11,071 food items were donated.

“Food Fight helps us, help the community,” Monica Light, Program Manager at FROM, said.

This year there is a $34,750 match challenge thanks to generous matching sponsors available to all financial donations until the match challenge is met, or June 1. Funds raised through this campaign will help the mission of FROM and raise a significant portion of their annual fund.

The community can get involved in the campaign by donating funds directly to the nonprofit, holding a Facebook fundraiser on the FROM Facebook Page ( or collecting in-kind donations of food. For the most up to date list of food needs, email Development Director, Arianne Hall, at [email protected] or call at 616-897-8260.

“I am proud to live and work in a community that is consistent and faithful in their generosity and caring for others,” Wendie Preiss, FROM Executive Director said. “Last year was my first Food Fight experience as Executive Director. It was incredible to see firsthand what our generous community can do. I am thrilled to see what happens this year, especially since last year tied it up!”

About FROM: FROM is a human services nonprofit in Lowell, Mich. FROM offers more than a dozen programs for families and individuals in need that focus in the area of Healthy Food Options, Family Support, Housing and Connection to Resources. Each year Flat River Outreach Ministries serves more than 600 families and individuals living in the Lowell Area School District who make 300% of the poverty line or less – or have an expressed need.


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