FROM November Volunteer of the Month

We received the following information from Flat River Outreach Ministries regarding their November volunteer of the month.  

The Volunteer of the Month for November is Steve Elve who works in the Donation Room in Treasures Thrift Shop Monday and Wednesday mornings. Steve has been volunteering since June 2016 and has volunteered over 1,000 hours!

Steve started volunteering at FROM because he brought something in to donate, saw another volunteer (George) and asked him about what he did at FROM. He continues to volunteer because he likes the mission of FROM, the people that are here, and because the Bible says we must do for others. He also says volunteering at FROM is good for his mental health and he gets good exercise. “I’m not sitting around like a couch potato,” he says.

While in the donation room, Steve helps sort each donation that comes in, and wheels them down to the correct departments. He says his favorite part of it all is the camaraderie with the other volunteers and talking to the people who come to donate items.

Steve encourages other men to consider volunteering at FROM so they can get good exercise and enjoy being with other people. He adds, “it’s good for your brain to help stimulate it!”

Thank you Steve for all you do for FROM!!

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