Fun with FROM: Arianne Hall

In a new series, Flat River Outreach Ministries will be introducing the community to some of the people involved with the organization. We will be sharing information posted on their Facebook page.

This week we’re introducing you to Arianne, our Development Director! Arianne gets to share what’s going on at FROM and how the Greater Lowell community can get involved. Get to know her through the Q&A below….
What drew you to FROM?
I really wanted to work for an organization where I could be involved in some capacity with the programs we put on (prior to FROM I worked for an international organization where all the work was done halfway around the world!) I love that, especially during the pandemic, I’ve been able to help out with programming and get to know our program participants!
What’s your favorite FROM program?
I love all of our food programs and that through our Healthy Food Policy we’re making sure that the food we provide through those programs are healthy and wholesome. We’re all trying to eat better, aren’t we? And that commitment to healthy food here is such an inspiration to me to choose healthy options when I grocery shop each week.
What do you love about the Greater Lowell Community?
It reminds me of the small town I grew up in (Sears, MI anyone?) I so appreciate the friendliness and that there’s such a strong sense of community here. Being a new mom, I also definitely appreciate the coffee shops Biggby Coffee of Lowell and Sweet Seasons Bakery & Cafe
What’s a random fact about yourself?
I won a “celebrity” cow milking contest as a teenager when I interned with a newspaper. My parents are dairy farmers, so I suppose that helped me, but I am still super proud of that trophy!
FROM is always looking for items in our food pantry and across our organization. If you are interested in collecting items, please reach out to Arianne! We so appreciate the generosity of everyone in our community and are only able to continue providing our programming through our community support!

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