Fun with FROM: Brad Brillhart

In a new series, Flat River Outreach Ministries will be introducing the community to some of the people involved with the organization. We will be sharing information posted on their Facebook page.
We’re excited to introduce you to one of our Board of Directors – Brad Brillhart! Let’s get to know Brad:
My name is Brad Brillhart and I serve on the FROM Board of Directors. I have also volunteered in the Treasures Thrift Store and in the food pantry. Additionally, each member of my family has volunteered at FROM at one time or another.
How did you get involved at FROM?
Not soon after I moved from Howard City to Lowell to pastor Lowell United Methodist Church, Ann Dimmick-Rife asked me if I would be willing to serve on the FROM Board of Directors. She said it was a wonderful ministry to be a part of, and she was right.
Why is the work of FROM so important to you?
I have always felt it’s important to help people who struggle with poverty. And not just help with crisis assistance but help move people out of poverty into self-sufficiency. FROM focuses on moving people struggling with poverty into self-sufficiency. I like that.
What do you love about the Greater Lowell Community?
I like that Lowell and the greater community have a small-town feel. I like that many of the people in Lowell know each other and care about each other and their community. Lowell has many wonderful assets to build upon, it’s got a lot going for it.
Outside of FROM, what else might we find you doing?
I’m involved in my church and its ministries. We have a new program now called Sound Check which we hope will function as a collaborative music center for the community. Also, I’m involved with Schneider Manor, Lowell Ministry Alliance, and Lowell Rotary Club. In July, I co-dean a summer camp up in Boyne Falls. The rest of my time is spent enjoying and loving my family, reading, hiking, spending time in solitude, creating prayer beads, sim racing, and playing board games with family and friends (big shout out to my favorite board game supplier in Lowell, Jack at Rookies Sportcards Plus).
Thank you Brad for all you do for our community! We invite all of you to consider volunteering this summer (learn more by signing up for an orientation here: or if you’re looking for a book to read this spring, pick up a copy of Toxic Charity – the book that has helped shape our programs!

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