Fun with FROM: Shelli Otten

In a new series, Flat River Outreach Ministries will be introducing the community to some of the people involved with the organization. We will be sharing information posted on their Facebook page.
Meet Shelli, one of our newest board members! In addition to being a board member, Shelli also takes part in our Programming and Development Committees, and recently started as a Thrift Shop volunteer! We asked her a few questions, and here are her responses!
How did you get involved at FROM?
As a former principal at Lowell Area Schools, I saw firsthand how FROM’s programs positively impacted students, their families, and the greater community. When I retired and had more time, I knew that I wanted to give back and support FROM’s work!
What’s your favorite FROM Program?
FROM’s programs help families with basic needs year round. Working with students, I’ve especially appreciated the Lunch Buddies food programs, back to school backpacks, and Christmas gift distributions. I’ve just begun as a thrift shop volunteer–and it’s great to see how recycling and sharing what we have with FROM benefits those who purchase and also gives FROM funds to continue programming.
What do you love about the Greater Lowell Community?
The Lowell community truly understands that we’re better working together. So many people give time and resources to benefit the greater good!
Outside of FROM, how might we find you spending your time?
I enjoy traveling, camping, and the planning needed to make our trips fun! Since retirement, I’ve had more time to learn some new skills (quilting, knitting, and reading more). I also volunteer at my church, East Congregational.
At FROM, we are so thankful for each of our volunteers and partners and the time and resources they give to make an impact in our community. If you’re looking for an opportunity to give back, reach out to us by going online and filling out a Volunteer Interest form (, we’d love to connect about volunteer opportunities or needs we may have!

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