Why You Should Get Your Local News Online


This piece appeared in the July issue of the Lowell Local Saver.  Special thanks to Brad Wade for his support of Lowell’s First Look.


In 2016 Millennials outnumbered Baby Boomers as the largest generation in our nation according to the Pew Research Center.  Technology is an important part of life for those in this category as they likely grew up with a computer in their home and cell phone nearby.  In a July 7, 2016 article Pew Research Center states, “As of early 2016, just two-in-ten U.S. adults often get news from print newspapers. This has fallen from 27% in 2013.”  Use of the postal system to send correspondence is often referred to as “snail mail”.  The same idea is happening when it comes to how people get their news.

The Online Option
Our success since launching last November shows over 10,000 visitors visit our webpage each month.  For the month of June this number was its highest coming in at over 14,000!  Our Facebook posts also indicate support for what we’re doing.  Some of our page posts have reached well over 5,000 people.   Our Facebook page has over 1,300 likes and continues to grow.  In the last month 75.1% of those visiting the Lowell’s First Look website did so by way of a mobile device.




Some, especially older generations, sometimes cite not being able to let go of a medium able to be held.  We publish a monthly recap of some of our articles for those who still like having something in hand to read.  But even those 65 and older are learning how to navigate the World Wide Web.  Our print version can currently be found at Englehardt Library, Senior Neighbors, and Schneider Manor in addition to some local establishments.

Advertising and Announcements
Local businesses across the country are seeking different avenues to promote their brand and reach out to customers with the decline newspaper readership.  Direct mailers are a growing print option reaching a wider and more targeted audience.  Free to consumers there is no need to worry about a newspaper’s subscription base.  Including a coupon is an easy way to see the effectiveness of an ad.

Online advertising is increasing because more and more information is consumed at websites.  Viewing a report with specific data can show the number of times an ad was seen by viewers and how many times it was clicked for additional information.  Lowell’s First Look offers monthly online advertising at a fraction of the cost of a newspaper.  Ads placed with us are seen daily with a focus on those living in and around the community.  We also offer engagement, wedding, and baby announcements along with obituaries for $5 each.

Lowell’s Only Online News Source
As with any business we’d like to turn a profit for all of the work put into making Lowell’s First Look the place to go for what’s happening in the area.  But each of our owners/writers is dedicated due to a love of the community, not increasing profit.  We look for advertisers to help cover costs and be able to contribute more to the community.  We also have a donation button on our website for those who would like to support our endeavors (Note: we are not a 501(c)3 organization and therefore, donations are not tax deductible).

Lowell’s First Look aims to publish a daily article featuring information about an event, business, or organization within the community.  When reporting the news we research issues and topics from multiple angles, providing factual information along with explaining aspects which might be unclear or confusing.  We look to continue to build upon our already positive reputation within the community.  We’re a small business like many along Main Street and look to communicate information about events, organizations, businesses, and government news through researching and asking questions.  We strive to tell the whole story letting readers draw conclusions rather than influence.

We are owned and operated in Lowell.  The three women behind the operation are part of the community.  The trio invests time getting to know members of the community.   We publish press releases and share information from businesses and organizations on our Facebook page.  Our weekly Scenes from Lowell, City Council meeting coverage, and monthly police blotter series are eagerly awaited by viewers.  We’ve had exclusive behind the scenes looks at a LowellArts theater production and several new business openings and operations, and Lowell Area Fire Department training sessions.

Lowell’s First Look will keep you informed.  Get the full story today without waiting for a newspaper to arrive in the mail.  We’re informative, creative, and care about our community.  We are eager to continue serving the Lowell area!


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