Getting Your Brew On

The inaugural Business Brew took place last month at Big Boiler Brewing.  Over 20 participants came to hear the crew’s hot tips and five individuals met one-on-one with a Brew Crew member.  If you weren’t able to attend the first event, the second is happening June 27 – and the fourth Wednesday of each month through November.  

Off to a Bubbling Start
Laura Huth-Rhoades was impressed by the turnout for the first month.  “I’m ecstatic about it. We had close to two dozen in attendance from a wide range of Lowell-area enterprises – from new start-ups to brewing-related business to antique shop owners to health/fitness coaches. We even had three young, budding entrepreneurs!” she said.  “For our first event, I think this attendance and breadth of audience representation is fantastic!” Several tables were filled at Big Boiler Brewery for the inaugural event and feedback from those who attended was positive.

Top Tips
Each month the event starts with Laura Huth-Rhoades, Jeanne Noorman, and Brianna Furlong presenting tips to help businesses and organizations.  After thanking those who came and introducing themselves, the first month covered Top Ten 5-Minute Marketing Ideas.

Ideas including using social media, creating an email signature, creating listings on websites such as Yelp and the Yellow Pages, and email marketing were presented.  Attendees took notes and asked questions as the topics were discussed.

Later this month, Free Ways to Spread the Word is the Top Tips Topic.  Those who own, are part of, or are thinking of starting a business or non-profit organization are welcome to stop by to listen to these tips.  

Clinic Sessions
Following the Top Tips portion of the event, participants are invited to mingle, network, and chat while continuing to enjoy morning beverages and a bite to eat.  This is a great opportunity to meet others involved with a business and connect. You never know when shared ideas will help someone else.

Six Clinic Session spots are available each month.  Registration is required to ensure a spot, but if they have not filled up at the time of the event, they will be available on a first come, first served basis.  VIsit the Brew Crew website to learn more about these sessions, which Brew Crew member you’d like to meet with, and register.  Sign up for only one session each month, but plan on meeting with another member another month if you wish.

Melissa Andreychuk of Zzzyen Yoga in Grand Rapids noticed the first Business Brew event pop up on her Facebook newsfeed and decided to attend.  She met with Huth-Rhoades during the Clinic Session where they talked about identifying her target audience. “I was able to think a little more clearly about the direction I am going in with my business and how to narrow my scope of focus.” says XX of her experience.  She plans on attending future Business Brew events to learn more how she can make her business even better, especially on the topic of “advertising on social media and other online avenues”.  

A Collaborative Crew
The Brew Crew is happy with the turnout and experience they had for their first Business Brew.  They are eager to continue to see how their idea became a reality and will grow. And working together, coming from different backgrounds, they’re able to touch on a wide variety of topics.  “One of my businesses had a question that I couldn’t answer, so I brought Brianna into the conversation — this is one of the advantages of having several of us working together.” said Jeanne Noorman of her experience with the first set of Clinic Sessions.

Business Brew has been made possible with the help of the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, Big Boiler Brewing, and Kim Feenstra Photography working alongside the Brew Crew.  Mark down the fourth Wednesday of each month through November.

The three women use their strengths in order to work together and provide information to those who attend their events.   Check out the Business Brew website for more information about upcoming events and the Brew Crew.    They can also be found on Facebook.  “We are excited to watch the impact of this program go to work in our community!” says Huth-Rhoades.  She and the rest of the team are looking forward to welcoming back those who attended the first event and meet others looking to network and learn tips about how to make a business or organization flourish.  

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