GridCard: Week 37 Recap -Pride of Lions and Comprehensive Coverage

GridCard is a local fantasy sports game. You can read more about its origin here, or check out the frequently asked questions. Lowell residents can play individually year-round, or they are invited to create or join a team for the Team Fantasy Football League.

GRIDCARD Week 37 Recap

Game 74: Pride of Lions

The last time the Detroit Lions scored at least 35 points in three straight games, the Lions were the best team in all of football. The Lions jumped out to a 22-0 lead on Washington Sunday, then hung on to beat the Commanders 36-27.  In Week One, Detroit showed some offensive punch but lost to the Eagles 38-35, and in the last game of 2021, they upset the Packers 37-30. Not since the championship teams of 1952 and 1952 has Detroit offense been so offensive–in a good way.

On the GridCard, JD (40) put up a TallBoy and took down the Hamlin-Hopper, just edging out Barry (39) and amcmayonnaise (39), JD earning her first win in just her first week! The GridCard played tough for everyone else. Only four other players posted Qualifying Scores: Kevin K (35), KDet047 (33), Jkloo (32), and PGT winner dangerzone (33). The King Kong went to jocko (74).

Team Fantasy GridCard Football featured three splits and a sweep. Behind dangerzone (33), and Ricco1947 (29), the PGT slipped past TMac 62-48 to remain undefeated. Team Collins beat LFL 57-47, JeepCreeper (30) and btalkington20 (27) leading the way. Team Detwiler edged the OG 72-65, amcmayonnaise (39) and KDet047 (33) taking Top2 honors. And VBar nipped Fictionasy 71-70 in a high-scoring contest paced by Barry (39) and Jkloo (32).

Team GridCard
GridCard Football Season

Standings * Record * GB

1. PGT  *  4-0  *  0

2. Fictionasy  *  2-2  *  2

3. Team Detwiler  *  2-2  *  2

4. LFL  *  2-2  *  2

5. TMac  *  2-2  *  2

6. Team Collins  *  2-2  *  2

7. VBar  *  2-2  *  2

8. OG Gridders  *  1-3  *  3

This Week’s Team Fantasy Football Matchups:

  • ProGrid Tour vs Fictionasy
  • OG vs VBar
  • Team Collins vs Team Detwiler
  • LFL vs TMac

Check out Team Rosters on the GridBlog. We’ll be accepting new teams all through the first half of the season.

A new GridCard starts @ noon each Saturday. You still have time to sign up and play this week.
Team Fantasy Football is underway, but you still have time to enter a team.
Visit for details.


Game 73: Comprehensive Coverage

Some huge point spreads were covered Saturday, starting with Georgia. The Bulldogs (-25) hammered South Carolina 48-7. Oklahoma (-11) crushed Nebraska 49-14. Minnesota, favored by 4 touchdowns, destroyed Colorado 49-7. Mississippi (-17) shutout Georgia Tech 42-0.  And in the GridCard game with the widest spread, OSU (-32) scored four first-quarter TDs and drilled Toledo 77-21.

Too near-perfect scores landed atop the GridCard. Annabelle (44) and jocko (44) both just missed the Mirror, Mirror. Annabelle won the PGT and her third Hamlin-Hopper of the year, jocko his fourth. The GridCard allowed plenty of points and a total of 18 Quality Scores: ElmerGlueGun (39), dangerzone (37), Zeke (35), AK (35), tinksdust (34), JD (33), EricCinTexas (33), Winky (33), Bubba (32), BabyMac (32), Teunesto (32), macs detail (31), Go Bucs (31), Dano (30), Found Fish (30), and Offroad (29).

In Team GridCard football, the PGT got high scores from Annabelle (44) and dangerzone (37) to beat TMac 81-63 LFL,  behind ElmerGlueGun (37) and tinksdust (34), took down Team Collins 73-59. The OG almost doubled-up Team Detwiler 74-47, behind jocko (44) and Dano (30). Zeke (35) and JD (33) led Fictionasy to the win over VBar 68-55.

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