GridCard Week 45 Recap: Packin’ It In and Horned In

GridCard is a local fantasy sports game. You can read more about its origin here, or check out the frequently asked questions. Lowell residents can play individually year-round, or they are invited to create or join a team for the Team Fantasy Football League.


GRIDCARD Week 45 Recap
Game 90: Packin’ It In

Ryan Tannehill threaded the needle to Austin Hooper, a 16-yard strike that closed the scoring on TNF–Tennessee over Green Bay 27-17. Aaron Rodgers completed 24/39 for 227 yards and a pair of TDs while Tannehill finished 22/27 for 333 yards and two touchdowns. The Titans improved to 7- 3; Pack fell to 4-7.

On the GridCard, Offroad (41) used AutoPick to claim King of the Mountain, his third KOTM this year. Offroad’s TallBoy edged out BabyMac (38) and Jeep Lover 2 (37). Another five players posted Qualifying Scores: The Dust (35), MrNickJC (34), KDet047 (33), KLC (32), and PGT winner, Ricco1947 (31).  KLC (74) won the King Kong.

In Team GridCard, Offroad (41) and BabyMac (38) combined for the week’s Top Score, crushing LFL 79-42. Team Collins, behind Jeep Lover2 (37) and The Dust (35) beat Team Detwiler 75-63. The PGT won a low-scoring game against Fictionasy 60- 49, Ricco1947 (31) and Teunesto (29) with the top scores. The OG won a super-low-scoring game over VBar 47-46, Dano (25) and Rico (22) with points.

Team GridCard
GridCard Football Season

Standings * Record * GB

1. PGT  *  16-4  *  0

2. Team Detwiler  *  13-7  *  3

3. Team Collins  *  13-7  *  3

4. Fictionasy  *  12-8  *  4

5. VBar  *  11-9  * 5

6. TMac  *  8-12  *  8

7. LFL  *  6-14  *  10 

8. OG Gridders  *  6-14  *  10 

This Week’s Team Fantasy Football Matchups:

  • ProGrid Tour vs Team Collins
  • LFL vs OG
  • Team Detwiler vs Fictionasy
  • VBar vs TMac

Check out Team Rosters on the GridBlog

A new GridCard starts @ noon each Saturday. You still have time to sign up and play this week.
Visit for details.

Game 89: Horned In

Despite being ranked #4 in the country, undefeated TCU entered Saturday night’s showdown with the Texas as a full touchdown underdog. Game Day’s Lee Corso picked the Longhorns to win saying, “Somebody knows something.” Well, maybe not. Kendre Miller ran 75 yards for a score and Max Duggan had a  31-yard TD pass to Quentin Johnston as the Horned Frogs upset Texas 17 10 to advance to the Big 12 Championship game..

On the GridCard, Team Collins held the top two spots, KLC’s (42) TallBoy edging EricCinTexas (38). Ten other players posted Qualifying Scores: KaitMac (36), Mr. Jake 50 (35), Rico (32), MrNickJC (31), maryalene (31), Jeep Lover 2 (31), KMac (30), JeepCreeper (29), Lim Lamb (29), and ProGrid Tour winner MMc (29).

In Team GridCard action, the PGT won a low scoring affair with Fictionasy 55-49, MMc (29) and MW (26) earning Top2. Team Collins had the high Gm89 score, taking down Team Detwiler 80-64 behind KLC (42) and EricCinTexas (38). TMac got big scores from KaitMac (36) and KMac (30) and beat LFL 66-53. And the OG picked up a much-needed win, over VBar–58-50– Rico (32) and Dano (26) scoring for the Original (GridCard) Gangsters.

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