Guest Article: COVID-19 Hobby Leads to Tie-Dye Display at Treasure’s Thrift Shop

Tarin Hasper -- Photo courtesy of FROM

We received the following guest article from Flat River Outreach Ministries.

A groovy clothing display of all things tie-dye will be coming to Flat River Outreach Ministries (FROM) Treasure’s Thrift Shop late this week thanks to new employee, Tarin Hasper!

“I think we could all use a little tie-dye in our lives right now,” Hasper, who began tie-dyeing during the first pandemic shut down, said.

Since joining FROM staff last fall, she’s been working on building a tie-dye display filled with face masks and clothing for all ages!

“It’s something that just clicked with me,” Hasper said about tie-dye. “I knew I was onto something when I took some of my families old t-shirts and by tie-dyeing them, gave them a whole new life! Pretty soon I was digging in our drawers and we no longer own anything white!”

When she started working in the thrift store, Hasper began noticing less-than-perfect items that didn’t meet criteria to sell and saw an opportunity to give the items “a new life and a new look.”

She started working with the clothing sorters to set aside clothing that may have slight discoloration or look a little worn that with a few bright colors could come back to life and find a new home in someone’s closet.

“It’s been a great way for me to practice new techniques,” Hasper said. She added that it’s been a great creative outlet that can be broken up for toddler interruptions by her 4 year-old son, Max. Recently Max has expressed an interest in tie-dye and it’s now something they do together.

“If you notice any green ones, it’s probably his work as it’s his favorite color,” Hasper said about her son and the tie-dye items.

Inspiration for the colors she uses comes from nature, things people wear around her and holidays. Her most recent batch of tie-dye masks was inspired by Easter eggs, and she’s hoping to have red, white and blue tie-dye in the store for the 4th of July.

The tie-dye display goes on sale April 15 and will be up until it sells out. Nearly all items are all priced at $5or less, and all funds raised at Treasure’s Thrift Shop stay local and help support the work of FROM.

“These items are unique to our store and you won’t find them anywhere else, especially at this price,” Hasper said. “Actually, you might find the shirt you donated and want it back with it’s new look!”

So come check out Treasure’s Thrift Shop this week! And if anyone would like to develop their tie-dye skills while also helping raise funds for FROM programs, please email Tarin at [email protected]

Photo courtesy of FROM

About FROM Treasure’s Thrift Shop and FROM: FROM Treasure’s Thrift Shop is a thrift shop nearly entirely run by volunteers. Funds raised from Treasure’s Thrift Shop supports the mission of Flat River Outreach Ministries. The shop is open Tuesday – Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.. FROM offers 13 different programs for families and individuals in need that focus in the area of Healthy Food Options, Family Support and Connection to Resources. Each year Flat River Outreach Ministries serves more than 600 families and individuals living in the Lowell Area School District who make 200% of the poverty line or less – or have an expressed need.

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