Guest Article: Summertime Exercise and Nutrition Tips

The following guest article and photos are provided by by Jilisa Ghareeb.

It’s Summer!  The days are getting hot, it is light out past 9 and we are letting the routines slide (hopefully on a slip-n-slide)!  Hopefully, we are not letting them slide out into the lake of oblivion but loosening the reigns is encouraged.   Pool parties, backyard BBQ’s and just being hot will have us eating off schedule, not eating (and drinking) what we typically would and maybe not intentionally moving our bodies. Here are a few tips on how to keep on track but still enjoy an indulgence or two.

When it comes to food always get the most veggies you can.  When you eat heavy carbs and dishes that are prepared with lots of heavy ingredients, you could fill tired, slow, and possibly ill in the summer heat.

  1. Freeze your fruit! Frozen grapes, any type of berry and most melons freeze so well and make for super refreshing treats on those hot days!
  2. Skip the burger bun! Wait, what?  You read that right skip the bun on the one of the most popular, most consumed summertime (really all year) foods.  That white bun is full of refined carbs and can lead to overeating.  There are whole wheat and whole grain buns, but they are harder to find.  Instead try lettuce, a grilled turnip or rutabaga round or even a roasted sweet potato as your bun.
  3. When preparing (or consuming) salads, pasta salads or coleslaws go for the ones that have a vinegar/oil-based sauce instead of a mayo/cream base. Not only will you be consuming less calories, but you will be avoiding some ingredients that do not fare so well in the heat.
  4. Eat as many fresh foods as possible, they will fill you up without making you feel like you just ate Thanksgiving dinner.

More people consume alcoholic drinks in the summer than any other time of the year.  Most people associate drinking with socializing and downtime which is plentiful in the summer.  We also have 3 major holidays in the summer months that contribute to that feeling.   Here are a few tips to enjoy a cocktail or two without feeling like you only drank your meal.

  1. Try a mocktail instead of a cocktail and skip the alcohol all together! No kidding! As most people drink only to feel included so this is one way you can feel like a part of the crowd without consuming alcohol.
  2. Mix a cocktail with spring or sparkling water instead of pop. You will get the carbonation in your drink but not the extra calories and sugar.
  3. Have a drink that uses fresh ingredients like mint, berries, and citrus fruits instead of the syrups and juices.
  4. Skip the heavy beers. Although not a beer connoisseur, heavier beers will make you feel fuller faster.

Most importantly please remember to drink responsibly.  To help keep yourself safe in the heat limit alcoholic drinks, eat a meal and keep drinking water.  Alcohol is a diuretic so be sure to keep hydrated by drinking 8-16oz of water in between each drink (this tip will also help you the next morning).

Maybe you are cutting loose and blowing caution to the wind with your nutrition but are feeling the weight of all those burgers.  Summer is the best time to get out and intentionally move your body to help you burn those extra calories.   Right now, most (probably all) gyms are closed but you do not need a gym to get your workout on.  Try these fun and mostly summertime only activities.

  1. We have some of the best parks with the best trails around. We live in a beautiful state and the woods are calling your name.  Research trails in the area and check the difficulty level before heading out. Be sure to pack the right accessories such as water, a snack and mosquito spray.  Also hiking is not the best time to wear flipflops or crocs so be certain that you are wearing the proper shoes.
  2. Find the nearest pool or lake and jump in! You may not be swimming laps but playing in the water burns a lot of calories.  Water provides natural resistance which results in a higher calorie burn.
  3. Remember that proverbial slip-n-slide mentioned earlier? Make it a real one and get to sliding!
  4. Go on a bike ride. We have some great hiking trails, but we also have some awesome biking trails. From your youngest rider to the oldest the paved biking trails will be a smooth ride for everyone.

Getting the whole family involved will create some of the best memories.  When doing any type of outdoor activity always check the weather first, remember to pack the right accessories and wear the proper gear.  Be safe with all the activities that you try and always remember to have lots of fun!

Get out and savor all that summer has to offer and remember that staying in shape and eating healthy can be fun and enjoyable!

Jilisa Ghareeb has been a Beachbody coach for 5 years.  Her favorite part of being involved with fitness and nutrition is watching her clients change and open up a whole new world.  As a coach she, is able to help others by introducing them to a change that is often scary, intimidating and full of “what ifs” to an encouraging and inspirational lifestyle full of “I cans”. She uses her own story to show others that everything is possible with hard work and determination.  If you’re interested in reaching out to Jilisa for more information you can contact her via email, on Instagram,  or Facebook.

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