Happy Thanksgiving: First Grade Class Shares What They are Thankful For

Mrs. DeVito’s first grade class at Bushnell Elementary School shared with us what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Mom, Dad, and siblings ranked among the top answers from the class.

On Monday of this week, first grade students at Bushnell took part in a Thanksgiving Friendship Day.  Students paraded through the gym, each class carrying a cup full of a different ingredient for the feast.  Items included M&Ms, Cheerios, mini marshmallows, and candy corn.  Students were also dressed as Pilgrims and Indians.

The Friendship Day participants each dumped their ingredient into a large bowl.  When all of the items were collected the bowls were mixed.  Each student then came around again and filled their cup with the mixed up mixture before finding a seat at a table.  Participants could sit anywhere, encouraged to mix in with Pilgrims and Indians from other classes.  Friendship necklaces were made out of colored noodles as everyone enjoyed their snack.

We at Lowell’s First Look with you a Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you are spending time with friends and family and reflecting upon all you are thankful for today and throughout the year.

Below are additional photos of Mrs. DeVito’s class working on what they are thankful for this year.


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