Keeping Lowell Safe: Lowell Police Department December Cases and Calls

The Lowell Police Department had a busy December.  In addition to keeping Lowell safe the department had their second annual Cold Weather Warriors initiative.  The department collected coats, hats, gloves, boots, and scarves in addition to monetary donations to purchase these items.  All items received and purchased were used to keep kids in the Lowell Area School District warm.  

The department also received baked goodies and meals dropped off by members of the community as a way to say thanks and show appreciation for the work the police do in our community.  Even if it’s not the holiday season the police department enjoys surprise treats.  The small gesture is a friendly reminder the community is thankful for great service.

Here are some of the highlights from the LPD during the month of December.  

December Around Lowell

Police responded to an intoxicated female that attempted suicide by slashing her wrists with a knife.  After the knife was secured, medical personnel were allowed into the scene where she was treated for her injuries and transported to the hospital for further evaluations.

LPD responded to a neighbor dispute regarding a neighbor driving across the other neighbor’s lawn to get in the driveway.  Due to the cold temperature, no damage was done to the lawn.

LPD also responded to a domestic dispute regarding the female half abusing her prescription medication and it was making her irritable.  Both parties were separated and the male half left the residence to stay with family.  Counseling information was given to the family.

An officer responded to an unresponsive female due to a drug overdose using heroin.  The drug Narcan was used to reverse the effects of the drug saving her life.  She was transferred to the hospital for further evaluation.

Speedway reported the use of counterfeit money.  The money was found to be motion picture money which is used as a prop in movies.  One $20 and one $100 bill were used.  No further information has been available due to the incident happening weeks prior to being reported.

LPD responded to or assisted another agency with 11 medical calls.

A sexual assault complaint involving two juveniles age 14 and 17 is under investigation.  The case is now being reviewed by the Kent County Prosecutor’s office.

The department assisted other agencies 16 times during the month.

In a false pretenses case a contractor charged and collected a deposit from a customer for work to be done.  However there was no intention of work being done by the contractor who was working under an expired license.  

A missing person case was reported when a husband reported his wife was not at work or home.  She called in sick to her employer.  Her cell phone was pinged revealing she was in the Wyoming/Cutlerville area.  She was feeling sick and was going to go to the hospital but then changed her mind.  She was found safe and returned home.

A suspicious vehicle in an apartment complex was investigated after it had been parked in the same spot for an extended period of time.  It was possibly related to a stalking incident.  After running plates it was discovered the vehicle was registered in the Grand Rapids area.

LPD received a call about a young child outside alone when temperatures were in the mid 20s.  After investigating it was discovered the child wandered outside while parents were sleeping in the home.

In one of four drunk driving calls one suspect threatened an officer.  The officer arrived at 2:30am at a residence on Sibley.  An intoxicated 52 year old female from Lowell was blocking a driveway.  The female left the area but the officer stopped her vehicle near Rite Aid.  A field sobriety test was performed and a breathalyzer test resulted in a .17 blood alcohol level.

Another female from Lowell was at a Christmas party.  The results of a breathalyzer test was a .13 blood alcohol level.

Police responded to a domestic assault between a 17 year old male and his father.  The situation started off as joking between siblings but escalated.  The 17 year old wanted a snow day so he could go fishing.  Wrestling between him and his father began and words were exchanged.  The 17 year old was placed in handcuffs after not calming down.  After review by the Kent County Prosecutor’s office charges were denied due to mutual combat.

LPD responded to an incident where alcohol was being furnished to a minor.  A 911 call was made from a location on W. Main but the caller hung up.  Upon arrival at the location an intoxicated male over 21 was found along with a juvenile found to have a .06 blood alcohol level.  The over 21 year old was put in restraints and taken to Butterworth for evaluation.  

Two officers fulfilled a mental pick up order of a suicidal subject.  Circuit court ordered the pick up requested by the subject’s family.  The subject was taken to the hospital without incident.  

Two ordinance violations for the biodigester were issued.

In a false report of a felony was issued after someone claimed to be the victim of a robbery in Ionia.  The subject sounded intoxicated on the phone.  Officers went to the subject’s place of work where they were told the subject was robbed at gunpoint of a $2,800 bonus.  As officers continued to question the suspect the story changed.  The subject took off on foot and after being detained told the officers the story was made up and the money was spent on Christmas presents.  The subject has been charged with filing a false report and the case is under review at the Kent County Prosecutor’s office.

An ongoing case of retail fraud at Dollar General is still receiving tips from the public after surveillance footage stills were put on Facebook to help identify the subjects.  Two males and one female are involved.  The female stole a camisole and women’s underwear.  The vehicle the group drove away in was unable to be identified.

In a home invasion prescription drugs and marijuana paraphernalia were stolen.  The victim believed his ex-wife is the suspect but she denied being in the house.   The couple is going through a nasty divorce and ex-wife claims the ex-husband is making up the story.

In a careless driver / road rage incident a female stated someone was following and chasing her so close she could not see the car’s headlights in her rearview mirror.  The vehicle passed her and proceeded to slam on the brakes.  The female victim went through a drive thru and asked an employee at the business to call police.  A video from the business allowed police to get the car’s description.  

An officer responded to a juvenile attempted suicide.  The subject jumped into the Flat River.  The ice did not break.  The officer was able to bring the juvenile back to safety.

Retail fraud at the Admiral located at 2222 W. Main is still under investigation.  The subject asked the clerk for cigarettes, which were placed on the counter.   The subject placed a bag of chips on the counter and asked the clerk for a cigar.  When the clerk was distracted the subject took off with the items on the counter.  The subject is a balding white male in his mid-30s driving a white two door Ford.  The subject has not yet been identified.

LPD along with the FBI have been working on a six month investigation involving a 28 year old male from Lowell.  He is accused of soliciting sex from a minor.  The investigation ended with an FBI sting operation with help from Lowell and Ionia.  The subject is charged with four counts of criminal activity which is being reviewed by the US District Court.

A female suspect from Cascade Township was arrested for drunk driving.  She was apprehensive about taking a sobriety test and refused a breathalyzer test.  It was later determined she had a blood alcohol level of .23 and a prior OWI.  The Kent County Prosecutor’s office is reviewing this case.

An elderly female had jewelry stolen out of her car.  She had been in a rehab facility after an injury.  It is unknown if the items were stolen while the car was at her residence or the rehab location.  

LPD is assisting Chicago area police in a fraud case.  Items totalling $3,200 were purchased from a Lowell business.  The business was suspicious and wrote down (temporary) license number which was tracked down to an auto dealership.  The suspect is facing charges in Illinois for obtaining goods under fraudulent means.

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