Keeping Lowell Safe: Lowell Police Department January Cases and Calls

In January the Lowell Police Department started off the month greeting guests at Ada Lowell 5 for a sensory showing of Sing where donations were accepted on behalf of the Thin Red Line.  

Detective Lauren was also caught helping two seniors across an icy parking lot.  

The department also announced the opportunity for 10 people to be part of a Citizen Police Academy beginning the first week in March.  Information can be found in a pinned post on the LPD Facebook page.

January Around Lowell
A stalking complaint was reviewed where a woman was being harassed by a strange man going to her place of business.  The man was asking for dates and offering money.  He claimed they had a past relationship but later admitted this was untrue.  He was told not to have contact with the victim.  Eventually the man stopped communication with the victim when he was told he could face jail time if he continued his actions.

LPD responded to 10 medical calls during the month of January.

The department assisted the State Police with an injury accident at East Fulton and Birmingham.  A subject was walking when a vehicle crossed the intersection running over the subject’s foot.  The subject denied transportation to the hospital.

In a case where a sex offender was not living at an address provided, LPD worked with the individual and the address was promptly corrected to avoid prosecution.

Assistant was given to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department in dealing with a mentally ill person.  LPD was on standby for unpredictable behavior until transportation arrived.

LPD assisted with the plane which crashed into Murray Lake at the request of the Kent County Sheriff’s Department.  The aircraft had gone through the ice and was beginning to sink.  A Coast Guard helicopter was also called in.  Rescue efforts were called off when a man with a kayak was able to rescue the pilot who was the only person in the plane.

Officers responded to two natural deaths and one dead on arrival.

A total of six ordinance violations were handed out in January.

A suspicious person was reported at Self Serve at 8:50pm pulling on the front door.   By the time an officer arrived no one was in or around the store.  The person was described as a heavyset white male who was not located.

The department responded to a larceny complaint.  A female victim complained about someone taking her trash bin from her driveway and another located next to her garage.  She also said she believes a package delivered from UPS was taken from her property.  No specific dates or times were given when items were taken.

A road rage incident at the Middle School will prompt discussion to review pick up route and time with the school.  Nearly every day traffic issues at Suffolk and Lincoln Lake are created.  In the incident where police responded two females started arguing at the intersection which continued into the parking lot of the Middle School.  Violations for impeding traffic and improper passing were handed out to the two parties which were later denied by the Kent County Prosecutor.  

One early morning at 1:36am police responded to a threat of suicide.  A female was sending Facebook messages about harming herself as she drove around due to a break up with her boyfriend.  Her cell phone was pinged indicating she was near the 5000 block of 68th Street.  Police were unable to locate her vehicle.  Three days later she made contact.  She had moved out of her boyfriend’s house and was upset over the break up but was fine.

LPD was contacted by a doctor in San Diego, CA regarding a patient he was counseling.  His client made threats to travel to Michigan to kill someone over an unfriending on Facebook.  The Lowell resident was contacted and notified of the theat.

At 3am an intoxicated female at an apartment complex was knocking on doors trying to find a friend’s apartment.  Someone who looked out a peep hole did not recognize the female.  No one knew who she was as she knocked on doors.  The extremely intoxicated female was transported to her home and was charged with drunk and disorderly conduct.  The Lowell resident walked from a bar to the apartment complex searching for her friend.

During a routine traffic stop for an improper plate a 33 year old male from Lowell was discovered to have six warrants out on him in addition to a suspended driver’s license.  He also had an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.  The suspect, on parole, had a no drinking clause included as part of his release.  He was taken into custody and brought to jail.

LPD responded to an assault and battery at a local factory business.  A boyfriend and girlfriend broke up.  Police were told the female half punched the male half.  The female claimed it was just a shove and male claimed it was punching on the part of the female.  After further questioning it was discovered the male party was the aggressor and was arrested for assault.  Upon continued investigation the original story given to the officer was incorrect and a 3rd party male was the assailant.

In a dead on arrival call a person at Laurels of Kent passed away after a history of heart and diabetic issues.

I tip from dispatch indicated a vehicle at the Shell station was using a controlled substance.  An office arrived and smelled burnt marijuana coming from the car.  The suspect also had a suspended license.  A passenger in the vehicle had three warrants out of Ionia.  Inside a purse a bag of marijuana, needles, and other narcotics were found.  Items were sent to the lab for testing and controlled substance charges are pending.

A suspect with a history of running from police had a warrant out for child support and self destruction of property was obtained during a routine traffic stop.

Police responded to a fight which broke out at Century Post Pub.  A female was drinking heavily and argued with the bartender.  She said she was not assaulted but was restrained against the bar.  The male said he was defending himself and did not wish to press charges.  

LPD responded to the threat of suicide by a male preparing to hang himself.  The subject has a history of substance abuse.  Police waited until an ambulance arrived to transport the subject to the hospital.

The department reviewed an ordinance violation involving a squatting complaint.  A female was living at the residence of her boyfriend who died in a car accident in Sept. 2016.  The male’s estate came to clean out the house and found the female living there.  She had not paid rent or utilities.  The Kent County Prosecutor’s office declined charges because the male allowed her to move in prior to his death.  A conviction of the female from the residence is pending.

An officer ran a plate discovering the registered owner had two warrants out of Grand Rapids.  The vehicle turned into Admiral and noticed the police car following.  The subject then pulled into a car wash but eventually was arrested.  Contact with a female in the car revealed open alcohol, burnt marijuana, and ¾ grams of marijuana.  Charges of open intox were handed out.

A third party caller reported a felonious assault between two males.  One male uses a cane.  The second male took the first male’s cane and beat him with it 40 times.  The two men had been drinking and arguing over a topic which was not disclosed.  The victim did not wish to press charges.


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