Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for May 2022

Lowell Police Department Hybrid vehicle

The Lowell Police Department saw an uptick in disorderly conduct complaints in May, and Police Chief Chris Hurst attributed it to the warmer weather and more people drinking while out and about.

While there were no big criminal investigations for the month, officers did log 253 case reports for May, including the following:

  • 30 suspicious situations
  • 28 general and motorist assists
  • 27 assists to other agencies
  • 19 traffic accidents
  • 8 disorderly conduct
  • 6 ordinance violations
  • 4 trespassing
  • 3 larcenies
  • 2 malicious destruction of property
  • 2 drug law violations
  • 1 breaking and entering
  • 1 drunk driving

Lowell officers also made 101 traffic stops that resulted in 16 citations.

Disorderly Conduct Cases

While drinking seemed to be a common thread in many of May’s disorderly conduct cases, it wasn’t present in all of them.

In one instance, a person stopped by the T-Mobile store after having difficulty with their phone. They became belligerent with the teen working at the store when the problem couldn’t be easily fixed, and the worker called police because of the customer’s threatening behavior.

Other disorderly conduct cases include a person who had too much to drink at Junction Bar and Grill. They became aggressive with other customers and then left without paying their tab.

Police were also called about a situation in which some people were arguing with a fisherman. It’s unclear what the dispute entailed since everyone cleared out before the officer arrived.

On another occasion, a man came into City Hall and made vaguely threatening comments to the clerks. This individual apparently has a history of similar behavior. He has been banned from the building and must make an appointment and have an officer escort him if he has any future business to conduct on the premises.

Drunk Driving, Drug Cases

There was one drunk driving arrest in May. A young man drifted into some cones and hit the electronic arrow board in a construction zone on W. Main Street. He then drove into the Admiral gas station, and someone called the police to alert them. The driver was apprehended in the Taco Bell drive-thru lane and had a construction cone lodged under his vehicle.

In a different case, a business called the police after noticing a worker was behaving in an abnormal manner. Officers determined that she had taken Adderall and marijuana before her shift, and she was transported to a hospital for medical care. Child protective services were also contacted to check on the welfare of children in the person’s home.

Other Lowell Police Department News

The Lowell Police Department continues to look for new part-time officers for its force. Officer Jessalyn Heard was recently promoted to a full-time position, and Hurst says they would like to hire at least two more part-time officers.

Six members of the Lowell Police Department participated in active shooter trainer, and Hurst says the department is working to develop a rescue task force. This will change how the department responds to events such as active shooter incidents.

Officers have traditionally been taught to neutralize the threatening person and secure the site before removing wounded individuals for care, Hurst explains. However, this approach could mean delayed treatment for injured people, which could prove fatal. With the rescue task force, officers will establish a secure corridor for first responders to enter and provide medical care. Some officers will be designated to remain with first responders while others will be responsible for tracking the person posing a threat.

The department plans to continue training with local first responders to implement this system although Hurst hopes officers will never have to use it.

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