Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for November 2022

People weren’t feeling the love in November, as the Lowell Police Department responded to several complaints of fights in breakrooms. Officers also warn that car thieves are getting bolder and that someone has been circulating counterfeit bills around town.

In total, the Lowell Police Department had 183 reports filed for November 2022, including the following:

  • 40 assists to other agencies
  • 15 general and motorist assists
  • 14 suspicious situations
  • 13 traffic accidents
  • 6 forgery/counterfeiting
  • 4 disorderly conduct
  • 3 non-aggravated assault
  • 2 breaking and entering
  • 2 animal issues

Lowell officers also made 59 traffic stops that resulted in 7 citations.

Chief Says: “Lock Up Your Stuff”

There has been a recent increase in thefts from vehicles within the city. While the perpetrators are most often taking things from vehicles, they recently stole a vehicle itself.

In many cases, the thieves will take credit cards stolen from vehicles and use them to immediately buy gift cards before victims even realizes the cards are missing. However, locking valuables in your car may no longer be enough to protect them.

“They are getting bolder, and they are breaking windows,” according to Police Chief Chris Hurst. He recommends removing anything of value from your vehicle.

It is unclear whether recent thefts are organized, but some in law enforcement believe there is a pattern of criminals, often juveniles, targeting one community before moving on to another. In many cases, the suspects live far from where the crimes occur.

For instance, the individuals arrested after a high-speed chase earlier this year were apparently from Kalamazoo. But they were driving a vehicle stolen from Howell and seen going through cars parked in Ionia.

While the police continue to investigate recent crimes, they encourage Lowell residents to be proactive about locking their vehicles and removing wallets, keys and other items of value.

Counterfeit Bills Circulating Through Town

Several counterfeit $100 bills have been used in Lowell recently. They are most often used to make small purchases, and the Dollar General and a bank were among the businesses hit by this crime.

Surveillance photos of the suspects were shared to Facebook, and Hurst says the suspects have been identified. The department is working to determine where the fake money was produced through, and the Secret Service has been contacted.

Report of Shots Fired

Lowell police received a call of shots fired near Stoney Lakeside. When officers arrived, they learned someone was seen leaving. A K-9 unit was brought in to canvas the area, and officers believe someone may have been hunting illegally.

Multiple Fights Between Workers

Tensions were apparently running high at some Lowell workplaces last month. The Lowell Police Department received reports of several fights in breakrooms. In one case, a worker was assaulted with a salad which was thrown at the person’s face.

GPS Tracker Used for Stalking

In another case, a Lowell resident became suspicious when his ex-girlfriend repeatedly showed up at the same place as him, even when he traveled to locations far from town. Upon investigation, he discovered a GPS tracking device affixed under his vehicle.

Police note that this isn’t the first time they have seen a GPS tracker placed on a vehicle to keep tabs on someone. While you can put one on your own vehicle, officers say you cannot put one on another person’s vehicle without their permission.

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