Kindergarten Class Receives Postcards Throughout the Year

Emma Kluge is a kindergarten teacher at Bushnell Elementary School. Last fall she put a call out to friends, family, and anyone who would listen for postcards to be sent to her class throughout the year. Now with the school year ending, the project is wrapping up as well.

From Near and Far
Kluge is completing her second year teaching kindergarten at Bushnell Elementary School, but has taught previously in New York.  “Travel opens your mind and teaches you things you had no idea you didn’t know already. There are incredible cultural, scientific, social, and natural lessons to be learned from visiting new and different places.” she says.  An avid traveler herself, she finds herself in various locations throughout the United State during breaks from school.  She even has a log of the various places she has spent New Year’s Eve as it has been different each year for the past several years.

While Mrs. Kluge’s class cannot travel around the country or world, through postcards, those places can be sent to Lowell.  Whenever a postcard is received, the class talks about the destination where the card originated.  Her classes have received a postcard from Mt. Fuji in Japan as well as one from Australia.  “So far, nothing from the moon, but maybe eventually!” says Kluge, always reaching above and beyond and encouraging the same for her students.

A class of soon-to-be first grade students received a total of 90 postcards throughout the year.  Some favorites came from Chicago, New York City, and Yellowstone.  If you would like to get Mrs. Kluge’s next class a start on their postcard adventures while you’re traveling this summer, send a postcard with a short note to the following address:
Bushnell Elementary School
Mrs. Kluge’s Kindergarten Class
700 Elizabeth St.
Lowell, MI  49331


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