Kindness Rocks Placed Throughout the Community

In July a group of moms from Lowell decided to kick off a Kindness Rocks group for Lowell.  Similar to geocaching or even Pokemon Go looking for Kindness Rocks involves getting out on a scavenger hunt of sorts.  Rocks are hidden, typically in plain sight, encouraging kindness to those who find the rocks as well as those who made them.


World-Wide Initiative Comes to Lowell
The Kindness Rocks Project (TKRP) began in 2015 with founder Megan Murphy.  Since then the project has started to spread random acts of kindness around the world.  Parties and events are created to gather and paint rocks.  The idea is to spread kindness through messages, drawings, or just creatively decorating rocks.  Those who find the rocks could be pleasantly surprised or even touched by a message.  “I hope that if it is a rock with a saying or word that if found and it resonates with someone they keep it.” say Nikki Snyder, one of the women behind starting the project in the Lowell community.

If a rock is found it can be held on to, put back where it was found, or taken to a new location to be hidden.  Typically a photo of the rock is taken and shared on an often local Facebook page along with the location it was found so the artist knows his or her creation was discovered and appreciated.  

Locally the Lowell Kindness Rocks Facebook group is where photos should be posted when rocks are found.  If you place rocks, this is where you’ll want to follow along to see when your rock(s) is found.  Putting #LowellKindnessRocks somewhere on your creation is optional but for those unfamiliar with the project will have an idea what to do or at least know where to look for information.  If you’re looking for events and information about the project in Lowell be sure to like and follow the Lowell Kindness Rocks Facebook page.  

Get the Family Involved
Lowell Kindness Rocks isn’t just for kids.  There’s no recommended age.  If you want to help inspire and brighten someone’s day you can participate.  While it may be more difficult to find rocks during the winter months, the project can help spread kindness in any season.  A brightly colored rock found on a dreary winter day could be just what someone needs.  

The entire process for participating in the project can be competed as a group of friends or family members.  Searching for rocks to paint can be just as fun as decorating them.  Rocks should be big enough for a message, drawing, or decoration can fill the majority of at least one side.  Once created, rocks can be placed anywhere you think they’ll be noticed, generally in public places.  Care should be remembered when searching for and placing rocks that private property is not disturbed and rocks are not put in locations where they could cause damage.  

Random acts of kindness are meant to be simple.  The Lowell Kindness Rocks project is also set up to be a simple yet fun way to show kindness exists and could show up unexpectedly at any time.  Go out and find some kindness.  While you’re at it leave some too.

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