Did you know? A Behind the Screen Look at Lowell’s First Look

On November 14, 2016 the Lowell community saw the birth of its first online news source.  Lowell’s First Look is a registered business and as we approach our six month anniversary we thought we’d share some interesting facts about us.  We’ve hit a nice stride but that doesn’t mean we’re not working on new series, researching interesting businesses, people, organizations, and events or keeping the community updated on local issues.  

Did you know Lowell’s First Look is the only Lowell-owned news source?
While The Lowell Ledger has a long history of providing news for the community, it’s not currently “Lowell-owned.” It’s parent company is in Hastings, and its editor and lead reporter are also from outside the community. There is a lot to be said for the long history behind The Lowell Ledger, but it’s also tough for those on the outside to have their finger on the pulse of the community. The owners and writers of Lowell’s First Look live and work here, and we hope our love for all things Lowell shines through in what we publish.  If you haven’t looked at our “About Us” page meander over and see how we approach being Lowell’s online news source.  

Kent District Library offers an online resource giving you the ability to view and search for items in past papers from 1870 to 2015.  It’s a great way to look back at Lowell’s newsprint history.  

Did you know we’ve been publishing almost daily since November?
We have over 170 articles under our belt with a long list of ideas we’re researching and authoring.  The most enjoyed has been our piece on Big Boiler Brewing with over 1,000 shares from our website and over 10,000 people reached on Facebook.  The possibility the City of Lowell missing out on a trail opportunity came in second with 228 shares from our website.  Securing the third place spot is our piece on efforts to rebuild the showboat being shared 108 times.  An honorable mention goes to our monthly series highlighting Lowell Police Department incidents and the information we shared regarding the coming of Mi Hometown Furnishings prior to their opening.  

Did you know certain navigation on our website will provide various information?

Did you know our reach within the community continues to grow?
Since launching in November last month our webpage continues to gain views each month.  March saw the largest number of visitors reaching 11,796 but we see an average of over 10,000 each month.  Our Facebook page has 1,080 “likes”.  

We recently started a Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Follow us in both of these places for updates on what we’re seeing when we’re out and about in the community.  

Did you know we publish a print version?
Hitting the streets in March we began showcasing our writing on paper.  We’ve gained more recognition within the community and have heard our articles have become conversation starters around town.  You can find copies of our print version at Englehardt Library, Senior Neighbors, Schneider Manor, A Charmed Life Nail Salon, Jultra Salon, Station Salon, Three Brothers Pizza, and North Star Antiques.  

Did you know we can publish your graduation, engagement, or wedding announcement, garage sale information, or a loved one’s obituary for a fraction of the price you might pay elsewhere?
Our announcement form is an easy way to submit information.  Or send us an email to [email protected] with the information.  For $5 per submission your announcement will be filed under it’s appropriate category and remain on our site, easily found with a search.

Did you know that we offer affordable online advertising that is highly targeted to the Lowell community?
Do you have or know of a business or organization looking to reach the Lowell community?  Our monthly ad rates can be seen on our website.  If you’re a non-profit contact us for special pricing.

Did you know we would like to celebrate our success with you?
We are currently working on a surprise to celebrate our first six months in the community.  Look for more information later this week!  

What would you like to know about Lowell’s First Look?

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