The Late Charles Knapp to be Honored in Upcoming Ceremony

Former Deputy Sheriff of Lowell Charles Knapp will be honored later this month.  Born June 1, 1890 Charles Knapp’s final resting place is Lowell’s Oakwood Cemetery.  His death on May 24, 1932 came as tried to apprehend suspected bank robbers as they traveled through Lowell.

Knapp, riding a motorcycle, approached a car occupied with suspected bank robbers when the driver of the vehicle shot and took Knapp’s life.  Two high school students were able to identify the driver of the car as Henry Marshall who was later convicted of first degree murder and received a life sentence.  

According to the Lowell Ledger dated June 2, 1932, “thousands bow at the bier of Charles A. Knapp”.  His funeral was attended by those who knew him from World War I, the 14th Calvary where he served along the Mexican border, and various police force and government officials.  

On May 19 at Oakwood Cemetery at 2pm a ceremony honoring Charles Knapp will take place.  A flag will be presented to city officials.  

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