Letter to the Editor: Clarifying Concerns About Property Near Boy Scout Cabin

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To the Editor:

I would like to clarify a comment made by Mayor Mike DeVore. at a recent City Council meeting, reported in Lowell’s First Look. Mayor DeVore addressed rumors about the City selling the Boy Scout property, part of the City’s Scout Park located at the north end of North Washington St. DeVore is reported as stating the City has no plans to sell this property and suggesting lies are being circulated that purportedly state otherwise.

As the likely source of flyers outlining the issue the Lowell Scout Park Association (LSPA) seeks to clarify that we are making no claim that the City seeks to sell Scout Park, and any interpretation of our flyers to the contrary is simply wrong. We do seek to alert the public to the fact that currently there is an approximately 2.4 acre road frontage parcel of City property, a currently unprotected inholding within Scout Park, that we advocate for eventual inclusion as part of Scout Park as originally envisioned when it was established in 2008.

There are also other parcels adjacent to Scout Park, the Flat River and/or N. Washington St. which confusingly may or may not be protected by park status depending on the map referenced. Much more detail is available on the LSPA Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Lowell-Scout-Park-Association-110440111662581.

We greatly appreciate the Mayor and City Council’s commitment and efforts to ensure accuracy.

Bruce E. Matthews
Lowell Scout Park Association

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